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Why the Little Things Mean Everything in Relationships
(and 25 BIG Little Things You Can Do for Your Significant Other)

Little things count in relationships -- just think back to your last argument with your spouse. Chances are it was over a mundane, little thing. Meanwhile, most people can instinctively rattle off at least a few (but probably many) little things their mate does that drives them crazy.

Rekindling the romance in your relationship can be as simple as telling your partner that you love him or her.

But just as those negative little things can drive a wedge between even the most well-intentioned couple, positive little things can have the opposite effect and bring the two of you closer than ever.

There is great value in marriage or in a romantic relationship of going out of your way or doing something out of the ordinary for your significant other. Of course, it is these little things that are also the easiest to forget to do as you become increasingly comfortable with one another.

"When a couple first gets together," says relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall, "they instinctively prioritize their relationship. But as time goes by and life gets busier with work and children, time together often slips down the list of priorities ... Making such time for each other may mean sacrificing other activities, but remember it's an investment in your future happiness."

Put the Intimacy Back in Your Relationship

If you find that your relationship is not what is was when you first met, think about what has changed. Have you begun to take your partner for granted? Are you no longer doing those little things for him or her?

Trying out some of the little things below will let your significant other know how much you care. Everyone can use to do a few more of these -- even if your relationship is great! The best part is, many of these things take only minutes a day to do, so everyone can take part.

25 BIG Little Things to do for Your Loved One

1. If it has been a month or perhaps for some a decade or more since you told your spouse why you love them, surprise them with a compliment! Simple but very powerful!

2. Leave a little love note in your loved one's briefcase, purse or lunch.

3. Guys, put the toilet seat down.

4. Give your spouse a 15-minute scalp massage.

Surprising your spouse by making breakfast is an easy way to let him or her know you care.

5. Offer to do a chore that he or she normally does.

6. Blow your loved one a kiss, or give him or her a wink, as you're walking out the door.

7. Say "I love you" when they LEAST expect it.

8. Request a special song for him or her on the radio.

9. Plan an evening out for just the two of you.

10. Change the toilet paper roll when it's empty.

11. If your Saturday nights have been involving sweat suits and pizza for too long, surprise him or her by taking the time to get dressed up.

12. Preserve some mystery and romance in your relationship by closing the bathroom door when appropriate.

13. Offer to warm up your partner's car when it's cold outside.

14. Treat your loved one to a professional massage.

15. Bring home some coffee and a fresh fruit plate (or whatever breakfast treats you enjoy) one morning while your partner is still sleeping.

16. Acknowledge the things your partner does for you.

17. Pick up your loved one's favorite snack food the next time you're at the grocery store.

18. Take the kids to a movie so your spouse can relax in the tub/go to a yoga class/watch a football game.

19. Create a new tradition together. This can be something as simple as taking a walk together to get coffee on Saturday mornings, ordering Thai food on Sunday nights, or taking the dog for a walk together after work.

20. Turn off the TV for a night and ask your partner about his or her day/dreams/concerns.

21. Write a list of what you love about your partner and tape it to the bathroom mirror before you leave for work.

22. If you know that something you do bothers your spouse, don't do it. For instance, if leaving your dirty clothes next to the hamper (instead of in it) annoys your mate, make an effort to put your clothes inside.

23. Stop at the video store on your way home one night and surprise your loved one with a movie that he or she has been wanting to see (even if you'd really rather not).

24. Clear the clutter out of your bedroom, garage, basement or kitchen counter -- without expecting anything in return.

25. Do something out of the ordinary. This can be something simple, like getting home early from work to have dinner together or getting up early with your mate (even when you don't have to), but it can a have big effect on your relationship.

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