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Plan the Perfect Dad's Day


Creating the ultimate Heartfelt Father's Day only comes once a year, so our suggestion is to celebrate your dad every day -- in many ways -- and let him know you love him starting today. No need to spend a lot of money, just spend time with him.

For most dads it's not about doing more. In fact, it is likely more about doing less and just being there by his side, sharing your memories of times spent together. Your appreciation and love will say it all.

Enjoy finding ways to express who you have become by sharing those things your dad has influenced and wonderful lessons he brought to your life. Pointing out personality traits that you value in him that you too have can also be fun and meaningful. Imagine what you would have missed if he hadn't been there ever in your life and how much those moments he was there meant to you!

Consider these gift ideas as a starting point to make the day even more special. Your dad will appreciate knowing its from your heart!

The Gift of Time

Ask him days in advance if you can spend the day with him ... as some dads don't know you are going to be there and may otherwise make plans like going golfing, etc.

Think of the many things your Dad likes, then focus on those you know he will appreciate most creating the Dad's Day focused on him. Write up a simple but fun itinerary of the day's events, including naps if he needs or enjoys one, all focused on him.

You can leave some open times and room for suggestions at the bottom, allowing him to fill in what he would most like to do. Then wrap it up and tie a big bow on it and give it to him the night or day before.

fathers day

On Father’s Day the best gift you can give your dad is spending quality time with you!

Here's an example:

8 a.m. Breakfast in bed and/or watching the Sunday morning News
9 a.m. Church together
10 a.m. Get ready for big adventure (list what you know he will most enjoy for options)
11 a.m. Adventure (paddle boat ride and fishing, etc.)
12 p.m. Lunch on boat
1 p.m. Watch Baseball game together
4 p.m. Nap
6 p.m. Dinner (Dad's favorite meal)

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Give your dad a picture of you with him. Make one for yourself letting him know you have one too with a different frame that you cherish.

Create a Book About Your Dad

Make up siblings book. Give it a title like, "Best Dad Ever and Why!" Then each sibling writes their experiences that made loving lasting impressions that have and always will be helpful in their lives. Also include pictures of time spent together with dad.

Dad's Day

Make your dad feel special by giving him breakfast in bed and letting him read the paper—or watch Sunday morning news while you’re there reading your book—for a few hours. Turn on and enjoy with him his favorite movie or tune into the baseball game. Plan a cookout with all the family and BBQ his favorite meal.

Do His Thing with Him with Love

If he likes to play tennis or golf ask him if you can go with him. Remember, even if you don’t play golf, you can ride with him on the cart or walk with him on the golf course to spend time together.

Write, paint and or glue pieces of paper together that spell the words "I Love You," or "You're the Greatest" or "Best Dad EVER" with a gift of tennis balls or a set of golf balls.

Whatever he is into, surprise him by placing notes of love, admiration and appreciation for him around the home, including his car, bathroom vanity drawer, in his shoes, etc., so throughout the day he keeps getting little surprises that show your love for him.

Plant to Grow the Love You Share

Find a spot to plant a tree that you will always remember you together planted on Father’s Day this year.

If unable to be with your dad IM him throughout the day, sending him messages like "Thank you for being you and all you do," and "You're the greatest," and "I love you"!

The littlest things can make the biggest difference!

Remember, it's really not about the money... rather it’s about you ... and him ... your dad … who you love and when you tell him he will appreciate that in every way you do!

Happy Dad's Day Dads!

SixWise Ways!
SixWise Says ...

A loving dedicated father is someone who carries pictures where his money used to be.



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