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Dad's Day Ideas
Gifts to Install: i.e. To Prevent Garage Break-in Robberies
and Disaster Survival Kit Gifts
Plus Gifts of Concern for his Better Health



Coming up right around the corner is Father's Day on Sunday June 20, 2010. The number one gift most fathers and grandfathers have been known to be most appreciative of is related to things that create value for others that they can do and enjoy installing around the house. 

Easy fix-its repair project related gifts are always great as they are engaging emotionally plus Dads feel a sense of making an investment and contributing by what most do best: Fix things. (Especially if whatever they can do can and does protect their family.) Also, gifts that help protect themselves and their loved ones are often unique and appreciated.

In contrast, the gifts most Dads get each year are often things like socks or underwear or expensive gifts that are not necessarily anything they would typically choose, enjoy or value; items that have no personal benefit that they perceive. Yet most Dads are gracious and just appreciate being appreciated by the thought of a card or a call in being remembered on Father's Day.

The following gift ideas are admittedly unusual but they are also emotionally charged and related to your Dad or Granddads mindset of health, enjoyment and/or happiness:

Dad's Day Gift Idea #1:

Garage Break-in Prevention
(gifts to install to protect against rising numbers of Robberies
or worse: break-in threats to family members while home)  

From the beginning of time, Dads have had the role of family protectors. Any threat to the family's well--being or attack has been guaranteed to get a strong reaction.

We at have been learning about dramatically increasing numbers of garage break-ins due to little known easy break-in methods, which is demonstrated in the below video and we will quickly explain (in case you can't watch videos on your computer for any reason).

A burglar can open your automatic garage door in just a few seconds, using only a wire coat hanger. From there he can steal expensive items stored in your garage, and gain access to tools he can use to break into your home. Further, if the door leading from your garage into your home is unlocked, he can walk right in!

Our male staff at immediately reacted to this above news. They immediately began researching and found several solutions including some that are very inexpensive but take only a few minutes to install (which is a typical guys’ thing anyway).

This YouTube video presents how buglers get in, plus at the end gives a brief demonstration of an automated garage door dead-bolt solution.

Elocksys system

Another option is an automatic garage door lock by Viper GDO: 

However, what we believe is possibly just as good if not a better less expensive approach is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solution by buying the needed materials from a hardware store as follows and giving Dad the following video:  

This is one way to Do-it-Yourself nearly for FREE. By simply using some wire mesh and a few zip-ties, you can improve your protection against a burglar garage entry.

Dad may not want to use even wire mesh? It just allows the hook to grab it and possibly pull it off. He could use some lightweight sheet metal. But the overall problem is the cord is still exposed for a possible grabbing of the hook. One subscriber stated they simply tied it with household wiring through the cord hole and up to a new hole they drilled. It took a second to untwist if you want to use the release.

We've also been told Dad could zip tie the lever up to the slider. Then he has to cut the zip tie in order to release the lever. 

If you buy and give Dad one or more of these gifts, you might afterward also want to email him this article with videos so he too knows how serious this concern really is!

Dad's Day Gift Idea #2:

Disaster Survival Kit
Simple Items: How to Survive if Disaster Strikes
(to be kept at Home, in the Car, brought on Vacation, etc.)

Navy Seals are known to be the elite of their group as only one in 10 makes it through training. A basic backpack of items is what an ex-Navy Seal knows to have and typically always has nearby, in the car and at their immediate disposal to be able to grab and be on the move or hunker down to protect themselves and their loved ones in the face of any threat to life or health.

You hear about the unusual and unexpected survival stories each year of people stuck in deep ravines for days after their car runs off the road. Or while hiking having to cut off their stuck arm following days unable to move just to survive. 

You also have heard daily about injuries and deaths that others were not so lucky. Yet might some have survived if only they had a few simple items in a survival kit that we all take for granted ... that is until you desperately need them in unexpected circumstances.

What we don't hear on the news is the tens of thousands of daily survival stories many Dads face everyday. Surviving threats to themselves, their family, or even strangers they would love to help but fear for their own safety.

Creating a survival kit includes some unlikely yet inexpensive items:

1.0) Back Pack: to be able to grab, access and keep survival items for Dad wherever he is.

2.0) Back Pack Survival Contents (Basic Survival Items):

Pocket Knife2.1 Pocket Knife,

Motion-shake rechargeable flashlight2.2 Motion-shake rechargeable flashlight and radio,

2.3 Duct tape (available at hardware store i.e. Home Depot).

Empty Water Bottle with built in filter2.4 Empty Water Bottle with built in filter  plus several packages of beef jerky (available at most gas stations).

2.5 Thin plastic sheet 6' to 10' x 4' or 6' for Rain-Cover (also used to wrap up in as blanket to hold in body warmth available at hardware store i.e. Home Depot).

2.6 Flint, Waterproof matches, a few lighters (to be able to light camp fires),

2.7 Permanent Marker and 30 5"x 4" plastic sheets to write on (so when leaving an area Dad can leave behind a note for rescuers as to where he is going / taking you) available at office supply stores,

Quret Drawing Salve2.8 Drawing Salve to stop minor injuries from worsening: Embedded Splinters, Scrapes, poison ivy, bug bites/anti-itch remedy, etc. (Quret Drawing Salve has been found to gently and safely draw out splinters, eliminate itching from bug bites and promote faster healing, plus add a CPR and other emergency diagrams

2.9 Emergency Cell phone (most cell phone offers today come with extra phones at little to no charge. If put in the survival backpack fully charged but left off this too can be a lifesaver if Dad's cell phone is out)

Dad's Day Gift Idea #3:

Dads or Granddads with Health Concerns 
Air Purification is a BIG Deal for Dad's with Asthma, Allergies,
Breathing Difficulty, Snoring, plus Nearly any Health Condition 

About 4 percent of deaths in the United States can be attributed to air pollution, according to the Environmental Science Engineering Program at the Harvard School of Public Health. And, alarmingly, in the most polluted cities it has been estimated that lives are shortened by an average of one to two years, according to research by the American Cancer Society and Harvard University.

For instance, long-term exposure to air pollution, particularly that from motor traffic, increases the risk of fatal heart attacks, according to a study published by the Karolinska Institute, Institute of Environmental Medicine.

Another study, published in the March 2005 issue of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, found that air pollution increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and makes respiratory problems worse, by thickening the blood and increasing inflammation, respectively. People with heart disease, diabetes, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, asthma and the elderly are most at risk of these serious air pollution-related health risks.

The PIONAIR Smarte Pointe Air Treatment System, which highly recommends, uses photocatalysis, which is designed to oxidize organic odors, germs, and fungi to create clean, pure air in your home. The PIONAIR technology creates ultraviolet light rays, safe levels of ozone, and passive negative ions as part of your air treatment.

The SMART POINTE uses the same technology as the original PIONAIR system, with the added benefit of actively generated negative ions. These actively generated negative ions clear the air of particulate FASTER than the original PIONAIR system. Therefore, the PIONAIR SMART POINTE is effective against particulate such as pollen, dust, pet dander, and smoke, AS WELL AS mold, mildew, organic odors, and chemical vapors (such as formaldehyde).

There’s a Pionair unit for all of your Dad’s needs. The Pionair 350 Unit covers 150 to 350 sq. ft., and is perfect for a typical office or bedroom. If you have a larger space, Pionair's 750 Unit covers 350 to 750 sq. ft., and if you want to purify air in a large, open environment, we recommend our largest Pionair, the 1500 Unit, which covers 750 to 1500 sq. ft.

All PIONAIR Systems include a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Typically the role of defending home and family for Dads comes very naturally, going all the way back historically to the caveman era. Dads have always been and will always be protectors genetically.

Being cared for health-wise with gifts that provide ways to feel better and be well are also always appreciated.

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