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Eye Care for Dogs: Five Important Quick Tips


Your regularly give your dog a bath, trim his nails and clean his ears … but how much attention do you give to your dog’s eyes?


Chihuahuas, pugs, and other dogs with protruding eyes are especially prone to eye problems.

Many pet owners may assume their dog’s eyes require no care at all, but in fact they may require regular “grooming” – and all dog owners should be familiar with what’s normal and what’s a sign of a problem with their dog’s eyes. With regular care and attention, you can help to prevent eye infections and traumas, and help keep your dog’s vision at its peak.

Dog Eye Care: The 5 Essential Steps

1. Get Familiar With Your Dog’s Eyes

You probably know if they’re blue, brown or green, but are the pupils equal in size? Are they clear and bright? You should also gently pull down your dog’s lower eyelid to check the inner lining. A healthy lower eyelid lining will be pink (not red or white).

2. Know When There’s a Problem

Your dog may have slightly runny eyes or occasional discharge. This may be normal for your dog. You can clear away gunk easily by dampening a cotton ball with water, and gently wiping from the inside corner to the outer eye (be sure you don’t touch the eyeball).

If, however, you notice any changes in eye discharge, it’s time for a trip to see your veterinarian. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the following signs are all indications that your dog could have an eye problem:

  • Discharge & crusty gunk

  • Tearing

  • Red or white eyelid linings

  • Tear-stained fur

  • Closed eye(s)

  • Cloudiness or change in eye color

  • Visible third eyelid

  • Unequal pupil sizes

3. Address Tear Stains at the Source

A Phenomenal Two-Step Program to Remove Tear Stains, Naturally!


If you want to get rid of tear stains, wiping your dog’s eyes is only the first step. Unless you boost your dog’s immunity, the bacteria that causes the discoloration will persist and so will the stains.

HappyTails Eye Pack from is a two-step program that both removes discoloration and helps boost your dog’s immune system to prevent tear stains from returning.

HappyTails Eyepack:

  • Contains no pharmaceuticals or chemicals

  • Gentle, tearless formula is safe for even the youngest puppy

  • Effective, especially when used regularly

  • Is all natural

  • Helps to improve your dog’s natural systemic immunity

Learn More and Order from Now!

pet eye pack

Light-colored dogs may experience a pink or brown stain on the skin and hair below their eyes, known as tear stains. These are especially common in miniature and toy breeds, and although generally thought of as a cosmetic problem, it can actually be a symptom of a deeper problem. 

In long-hair breeds, such as Maltese, Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso, tear staining is typically due to long fur on the face that irritates the eyes, causing tearing and staining. In dogs such as pugs and Shih Tzus, which have bulging eyes, excessive tearing can also result because more of the eye is exposed to air.

When a dog has excessive tearing, the moistened area is prone to bacteria and red yeast growth, which is ultimately what causes the discoloration.

This is why removing tear stains requires more than just a wipe to make the discoloration go away. You also need to boost your dog’s immune system to help fight the bacteria and yeast that is causing the discoloration.

If your dog is prone to unsightly tear stains, highly recommends HappyTails Eye Pack from This two-step program works together to fight the problem from the inside and out.

  • STEP 1: Clean the eye area with all-natural, hypo-allergenic EyePads. The pre-moistened pad contains an herbal infusion that gently clears away discoloration and inhibits the bacteria that cause it. The pads contain no pharmaceutical antibiotics, so they’re perfectly safe for all dogs.

  • STEP 2: Sprinkle Eyemunity powder on your dog's food every day. The unique formula contains a nutrient-rich, high-metabolite immunogen (Epicor) that has been clinically proven to boost immunity on both animals and humans. An improved immune system will fight the bacteria that is the root cause of the redness.

Each HappyTails Eye Pack from contains both the Eyepads and Eyemunity to remove staining and fight tear stains at the source.

4. Trim Unruly Hair

Long hair too close to your dog’s eyes can cause irritation and damage. So using blunt-tipped scissors, carefully trim the hair around your dog’s eyes to prevent any poking or scratching.

5. Prevent Eye Injuries

Your dog may love to hang her head out the window of your car, but this is one of the easiest ways for her eyes to get injured. Debris, insects and even wind can cause irritation and eye damage, so make sure you don’t let your dog stick his head out of your car while you’re driving.

Also be careful of allowing irritants, such as shampoo, to enter your dog’s eyes during bathing.

You should also pay attention to your dog’s body language, as excessive pawing or rubbing of his eyes could mean there’s a problem.

Important Eye Disorders to be Aware Of

Your dog should get a regular eye checkup from your veterinarian at least once a year, but during the times in between visits, ASPCA recommends keeping an eye out for these common eye disorders in dogs:

  • Conjunctivitis: One or both of your dog’s eyes will look red and swollen, and there may be discharge.

  • Dry Eye: Diminished tear production can cause corneal inflammation, squinting and discharge.

  • Cherry Eye: An enlarged tear gland forms a cherry-like mass on the dog's eye.

  • Epiphora: An overflow of tears creates stains on the dog’s facial fur.

  • Glaucoma: The cornea becomes cloudy and the eye enlarges due to an increased pressure in the eyeball.

  • Ectropion: A turning outward of the upper eyelid causes the lower lid to droop.

  • Entropion: A rolling in of the eyelid causes discharge and tearing.

  • Cataract: An opacity on the lens of the eye can cause impaired vision and possible blindness.

  • Progressive Renal Atrophy: Caused by degeneration of retinal tissue—night blindness is often its first sign.

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