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How Often Should You Give Your Pet a Bath?
Plus 7 Doggy Bath Time Tips


One of the most common questions from pet owners is how to keep their furry family members clean. Clearly, if your dog has been rolling around in a mud puddle or gotten into something smelly, you’ll need to give her a bath.

dog bath

Most dogs do just fine getting one bath every three months … but if your dog has skin allergies he may need a bath several times a week.

But what about the rest of the time, when your dog is not obviously dirty and smells just like her typical doggy self? And what about cats? Do they need baths too?

Here we’ve compiled an essential go-to bathing guide to help you quickly answer some of these common bath-time questions and concerns.

How Often Does Your Dog Need a Bath?

Each dog is unique in how often it should receive a bath, but generally speaking you’ll want to err on the side of caution -- fewer baths are generally better than too many.

To give you an idea of what this means, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends giving your dog a bath at least once every three months. Your groomer and veterinarian can also give you an idea of how often to bathe your dog, but this is a general rule of thumb to go by.

There will be exceptions when you may need to give your dog a bath more often, including if they’ve gotten into something dirty or smelly, or their fur feels greasy. Further, if your dog has allergies he may need a bath much more often, up to several times a week. This will help to remove irritants, allergens, and bacteria from his skin.

Do Cats Need Baths?

Cats generally do a great job of keeping themselves clean with their tongues, and they are actually quite picky about it. In the event your cat gets into something dirty or smelly, however, a bath may be necessary. In this case, you can use the doggy bath tips below, being sure to swap out the doggy shampoo for a specially formulated kitty variety.

Seven Tips for Bathing Your Dog or Cat

Bath time can be quick and even enjoyable for you and your dog, once you get into a groove. Ideally, start bathing your dog regularly from the time he’s young so he knows what to expect.

Before you begin the bath, make sure your pet is brushed thoroughly to remove dead hair and any matting. If you are going to bathe your cat, you may also want to trim their nails beforehand to minimize your chances of getting scratched. Next:

A Luxurious Bar Soap for Dogs
(Lasts Longer Than Shampoo!)


Keep your dog squeaky clean with Aromadog’s Derma Pooch Spa Therapy bar soap from It is all natural, using only the finest blend of ingredients to gently cleanse your dog's fur and skin. Derma Pooch contains:

  • Saponified oils of rice bran, coconut, shea butter, palm kernel, wheat germ and jojoba

  • Colloidal oatmeal

  • Essential oils of lavender, patchouli, rosewood, carrot seed and other essential oils

This luxurious soap soothes itchy, flaky skin and enriches dry fur, leaving a soft, silky, shiny coat and light scent.

It’s easier to use than a shampoo -- just hold the bar and gently scrub -- and it lasts longer too!

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Derma Pooch Spa Therapy

  1. Place your pet in a sink or bathtub filled with a few inches of lukewarm water. You do not need to fill the tub higher than that, and be sure to not use hot water, which can scald your pet and also dry out their sensitive skin.

  1. Use a spray hose or a plastic pitcher to thoroughly wet your pet’s fur. Be sure the under layers are also wet.

  1. Massage in a small amount of gentle and natural pet shampoo, such as Aromadog Healthy Shine Herbal Dog Shampoo from, and work into a lather. Be careful to avoid your pets eyes and inner ears, and be sure to wash their underside and tail.

  1. During the bath, be careful to keep the water out of your pet's ears. Water in the ears is actually one of the most common causes of ear infections in dogs, so if possible place a cotton ball or two in their ears before the bath (and remember to remove them afterward).

  1. Rinse your pet thoroughly using fresh lukewarm water. It's essential to rinse very well, as soap residues can irritate your pet's skin, making them itchy or causing them to lick frequently. Once you think you've rinsed enough, it's a good idea to use fresh water and rinse your pet again just to be sure.

  1. Towel dry your pet thoroughly, and make sure they are completely dry before you allow them to go outside (particularly during the winter). Dogs have a tendency to roll around on the ground right after a bath, and a wet dog can easily get dirty again if it rolls around outdoors.

  1. You can use a hairdryer to help dry off your pet, but be sure it is on the low/warm/cool setting and don't hold it too close to your pet's skin. Using anything higher could burn your pet or dry out their skin. As an alternative, there are pet hairdryers available that only get as hot as is safe for your pet.

Why You Should Not Use Human Shampoo on Your Cat or Dog

Human and pet shampoos vary in their "pH" (the measure of acidity or alkalinity). A dog shampoo's pH is two points different from a human shampoo, which makes a major difference. Human shampoos are generally too harsh for pets and can easily dry out their coat and skin. They may also contain fragrances or other ingredients that can irritate your pet’s skin. highly recommends using only gentle and natural pet shampoos on your dog, and one of our favorites is Aromadog Healthy Shine Herbal Dog Shampoo. Aromadog Healthy Shine Shampoo has a completely herbal base with absolutely NO chemical additives, and is made of essential oils to clean and encourage the healthy growth of your dog's coat.

For a treat, you can also try Derma Pooch Spa Therapy Bar from It’s a luxurious soap that soothes itchy, flaky skin and enriches dry fur, leaving a soft, silky, shiny coat and light scent. Derma Pooch Spa Therapy bar soap is also all natural, using only the finest blend of ingredients.

Want to Give Your Pet the Longest, Healthiest, Happiest Life Possible?

greener wienerChoose healthy, natural grooming tools, pet food and treats from! Your dog or cat will thank you!

At Greener Wiener their mission is simple: to provide natural pet products that promote wellness for dogs and cats.

Greener Wiener believes your pets deserve healthy food and treats, and toys made from non-toxic materials. They believe the Earth deserves a break too, which is why they actively seek out products made from safe, environmentally friendly materials.

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