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12 Habits YOU Must Break
... Before It's Too Late!


"Researched: Epiphanies for Your Empowerment"

Just click the links in each to learn more:


1. Breathing!
(Invisible Toxins vs. Fresh Clean Air)


2. Showering!
(Shockingly Absorbent Chlorine vs. Wellness Water)


3. Drinking!
(Chlorinated Water) and BPA "EXPOSED" vs. Wellness Water)


4. Touching!
(Hand Sanitizers vs. Antimicrobial Hand Wipes)


5. Sitting!
(Sedentary vs. Physical Activities)


6. Walking!
(Tracking in Bacteria vs. Entrance Absorption Mats)


7. Cleaning!
(Toxic Cleaners vs. Natural Alternatives)


8. Eating!
(Overly-Cooked Foods vs. Getting Nutritional Value)


9. Stressing!
(Internalizing vs Relaxation)


10. Dripping!
(Sinus Congestion vs. Ancient Secret Nasal Relief)


11. Drugs!
(Antibiotics vs Probiotics)


12. Re-Toxing!
(Heavy Metals via: Vaccines, eating, drinking, Showering, Touching, Absorbing, Breathing vs. Heavy Metal Detoxing)

swine flu

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