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Swine Flu Vaccination ALERT
The Facts... The Concerns... The Options
What You Need to Know, Even If You’ve Been Vaccinated
PLUS Your Choices To Make, If You Don't Have a Choice



US Government. Swine Flu Vaccine, Historical Deployments:
More than 6 million doses of H1N1 swine flu vaccines were made available in the United States in early October 2009. By mid-October, another 40 million doses, with reportedly production continuing at a rate of 10 million to 20 million doses a week to reach a total of over 250 million doses by the year’s end for the US alone. There is obviously little question that the planning and intent for the entire US population is for nearly everyone in the US to be vaccinated. This includes you and your loved ones.

What could be the concerns for you and your family related to the swine flu H1N1 vaccinations?

What can you do to reduce your risks or concerns if you choose to be vaccinated or if you or your children are forced into mandatory vaccination?

What steps can you take to minimize the possibility of getting the flu or swine flu? Yes, even if you are NOT being vaccinated.

The U.S. Health and Human Services has been hitting the vaccine issue hard, urging Americans, especially children and young adults, to rush out and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

swine flu h1n1

With 250 million doses of H1N1 swine flu vaccine in the United States within the last three months of 2009… what are the concerns? What are the important Preparations plus Safe and Effective Alternatives!

Mandatory Vaccinations State By State

New York State has taken a drastic step and made the swine flu and seasonal flu vaccines mandatory for all hospital, home health and hospice workers, a move that has caused an uproar among many of the state’s health care workers.

"There's no proof this vaccine will protect us from swine flu or protect us from spreading it to others," said Sue Field, a registered nurse who works in a NY State hospital.

Even Dr. Oz has been asked by several National Network interviewers if he is going to be vaccinated. In the segments we watched he never once directly answered this question, which leads us to believe he likely does not plan on being vaccinated. Nor has he addressed what you can do if you are required to be vaccinated.

We Believe the Facts are Important Know NOW.
How to address both the "cause" of the swine flu (which can eliminate the need for a cure and "H1N1 vaccination concerns, including the potential risks) plus, simple options we’ve not read or seen anywhere, giving you truly easy and affordable ways that can help reduce your concerns.

This is especially important to know to prepare you in advance in case you or your loved ones are forced to be vaccinated.

What measures can you take now to reduce your risks and concerns?

We realize the possibility of mandatory vaccinations could quickly become a real concern for nearly everyone. Not just healthcare professionals and those in the military.

Some states have passed state laws recently allowingMandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations, plus fining people $1,000 Per Day Plus Quarantine them if they refuse it! Massachusetts is one example with its Senate having recently passed a Martial Law bill related to the Swine Flu.

Massachusetts Newly Passed Martial Law Related to Swine Flu Vaccinations

Will The US Government Enforce Vaccines by Having the US Millitary Step In?

New Jersey Now Has Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine For All School Children

Only time will tell whether the swine flu vaccine will become mandatory in every state… or Nationally!

What if the vaccine is not as safe as you’re being led to believe?

And what if the swine flu is not as dangerous as you’re being told?

And, what if you could PREVENT the swine flu using solely natural methods that pose none of the risks that the experimental swine flu vaccine might?

These are questions we all need to be asking... and more important, we need to have answered.

In the paragraphs that follow, we will do just that. You will learn first why the swine flu is not as dangerous as the media is making it out to be. You will also discover the steep risks of the experimental swine flu vaccine... including what happened when it was released in the 1970s.

We will also share safe and effective solutions to help you and your family to avoid the swine flu, and any flu, this flu season -- and give you tips on what to do should you be forced to get a swine flu vaccination (which, again, is already occurring around parts of the United States at the time of this publication).

The Swine Flu is a Mild Illness

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) web site states: "Most people who have been sick [from H1N1] have recovered without needing medical treatment."

This is because the swine flu symptoms are just like the regular flu, causing fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue, and in some cases vomiting and diarrhea.

As with the seasonal flu, most people get better after a bit of rest, fluids and chicken soup.

It is, of course, possible to get seriously ill from the regular flu, but, this happens most often in people who already have one or more other medical conditions.

According to the CDC: "About 70 percent of people who have been hospitalized with this 2009 H1N1 virus have had one or more medical conditions previously recognized as placing people at "high risk" of serious seasonal flu-related complications. This includes pregnancy, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and kidney disease."

If you have any of these above health conditions we suggest you speak to your physician.

Dr. Mehmet Oz stated that 50% of people (in the US) will get the Swine Flu.

What No One is Telling You:

  1. There are simple secrets to avoiding the Swine Flu that can help you be in the 50% who don’t get the Swine Flu (that also helps you avoid the regular flu) even if you DO NOT GET VACCINATED.

  2. If you are GOING TO BE VACCINATED, OR HAVE BEEN VACCINATED, then you should know and consider ways to reduce your risk of Toxic Heavy Metals in your body which we will explain in the paragraphs below.

  3. If there is any chance you will need to get vaccinated any time in the future you need to be aware and CONSIDER PREVENTIVE MEASURES NOW for what otherwise could be dangerous toxic circumstances that could make you sick, or effect your nervous system (i.e. GBS) or even kill you.

  4. Vaccination Toxic Heavy Metals concerns do not stop with the swine flu H1N1 vaccine.

The swine flu has been unnecessarily hyped up and blown way out of proportion.

Consider this for comparison: Each year, in the United States, on average 36,000 people die from flu-related complications and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu-related causes.

Yet, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), since the swine flu first started infecting people, there have been more than 300,000 laboratory confirmed cases and just 3,917 deaths -- WORLDWIDE.

swine flu

Swine flu is a mild illness in the majority of people, and most recover on their own with no need for medical attention.

W.H.O. points out that these statistics may be lower than the actual number of cases out there. Why? Because more and more countries have stopped counting the number of swine flu cases simply because they’re so mild. There’s no need to differentiate the swine flu from the "regular" flu. The risks are virtually the same, and so are the treatments.

Which brings up our next question.

Is it a wise choice to receive an experimental vaccine for an illness that is often mild and, in the majority of cases, goes away on its own with no medical treatment needed?

The Swine Flu Vaccine: Is it Safe?

No one knows the answer to this question, because the swine flu vaccine is experimental.

The vaccine has been on a fast track to be made available to the public so soon. This means "skipping all but the most preliminary clinical tests of vaccine safety and effectiveness," according to WebMD. In other words, the vaccine has been released with very little safety testing, and no one will know for certain whether it works, when given to the public until potentially months or years later.

According to Barbara Loe Fisher from the National Vaccine Information Center:

"Whenever the CDC declares a public health emergency, that declaration allows the Food and Drug Administration to permit emergency use authorization for drug companies to fast track creation of experimental drugs and vaccines that do not have to be tested as thoroughly as vaccines that go through the normal FDA licensing process.

In this case, Congress responded to the public health emergency declaration by giving a group of drug companies $1 billion to fast track experimental swine flu vaccines that may include whole live, killed or genetically engineered human and animal influenza viruses, chemicals, and potentially reactive oil-based adjuvants that manipulate the immune system to boost the vaccine’s potency."

Already, a leaked letter from the UK’s Health Protection Agency, sent to about 600 neurologists on July 29, tells neurologists to be on the lookout for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) due to the vaccine.

In 1976, you may not remember or know, there was a major push to get Americans vaccinated against a swine flu outbreak, and many did get vaccinated -- despite the fact that the swine flu epidemic never materialized.

60 Minutes 1976 Swine Flu (Vaccine). Is History Repeating Itself?

What has happened to others that were affected by Government Swine Flu Vaccine in past years? Can you expect any different treatment when the government has just passed laws to protect vaccine manufacturers from related lawsuits?

60 Minutes Uncovered 1976 US Gov. Swine Flu Vaccine Secrets

Is it possible that the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccines that reportedly caused "GBS" that paralyzed or killed more people than died from the Swine flu could repeat itself. Over 40,000 personal lawsuits were filed against the government. Over two thirds were related to the Swine Flu Vaccination claims of having caused Neurological Damages or Death. Could this occur again?

Of those who decided to get the swine flu vaccine, many developed Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a condition that caused permanent paralysis and Deaths.

The concerns for such litigation claims against vaccine makers has been eliminated by the US Government just recently.

Know Your Lack of Rights

The Drug Vaccine Manufacturers and Health Care Professionals who administer the H1N1 vaccines cannot be held liable for any deaths or illnesses that their experimental swine flu vaccine cause, because Congress and the President this year took away liability for experimental drugs and vaccines that are released for public use under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

This means that you will not be able to sue the government or the drug manufacturers if you or your loved ones are injured by the swine flu vaccine or any other vaccine.

If you or your children are one of many who will be mandated to take the vaccine, there are things you should consider taking in advance and after being vaccinated that can help reduce the chance of health concerns (which we share with you in the paragraphs that follow).

First Know The Facts:

Swine Flu Vaccine May Contain MORE Mercury Than Other Vaccines

Swine flu vaccines may contain thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative that has been accused of causing autism and other neurological problems. And according to the Seattle Times, some states will also allow MORE mercury than usual to be used in swine flu shots, in order to "make sure shots are available to pregnant women and children under 3."

These people at high risk are the very same groups of people to which mercury can be most damaging.


Some states will allow MORE mercury than usual to be used in their swine flu shots, according to a report by the Seattle Times.

What else may be in your swine flu vaccine?

According to Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz DMD, MA, MPH:

"Most people fail to realize all vaccines carry a list of ingredients that typically increase human disease and death (i.e., morbidity and mortality). These include toxic elements and chemicals such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and formalin (used to preserve corpses), MSG, foreign genetic material, and risky proteins from various species of bacteria, viruses, and animals that have been scientifically associated with triggering autoimmune disorders and certain cancers.

A growing body of scientific evidence strongly suggests vaccines are largely responsible for increasing cases of autism and other learning disabilities, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS, ALS, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, hay fever, allergies, chronic draining ear infections, type 1 autoimmune diabetes, and many, many more pandemics."

Will the Vaccine Even be Effective?

On top of the potential side effects from the vaccine itself is the issue of whether or not the vaccine will actually work. By their very nature, flu viruses mutate rapidly. In just a matter of a few months a virus could mutate.

This means a vaccine made with the current swine flu virus will become worthless should the strain mutate. This lack of effectiveness is one reason why many health care worker unions object to seasonal flu shots. As the New York Times recently reported:

"The unions also object because no flu shot protects perfectly. As the virus mutates, new vaccines must be made each year, and in some years, like 2005, the flu mutates so quickly "that it’s really a crapshoot in terms of matching the strain," said Jan S. Rodolfo, a nurse and a flu expert at the California Nurses Association, which represents 86,000 nurses in several states.

Overall, virologists say, of every 100 people who faithfully get flu shots, only about 70 are fully protected every year."

What this means is, you could get the swine flu shot, expose yourself to the experimental vaccine and the risks involved, and STILL get the swine flu.

These are some of the many reasons why many doctors, virologists and health care workers do not plan on getting the swine flu shot, and are adamantly working against mandatory vaccination plans.

As Dr. Joseph Mercola stated:

"There is virtually no science to support the safety of vaccine injections on your long-term health or the health of your children. Follow-up studies last on average about two weeks, and look only for glaring injuries and illnesses.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for vaccine purveyors and proponents to look seriously at the long-term health consequences of their vaccination campaigns."

The Ability to Prevent Swine Flu May be All in Your Hands! Become Empowered with Simple Secret FACTS They Don’t Want You to Know!

Although swine flu is a mild illness in many, it was projected to infect up to 50 percent of the U.S. population in just mere months by fall and winter of 2009. So what can you do to protect yourself and your family?


Eighty percent of all infections are spread when you touch a germ, and then touch your mouth, eyes and nose -- so keeping your hands clean at all times is a must!

The flu and swine flu viruses are transmitted the way many germs are ... from person to person or via infected object that you touch, then transfer the germs from your hand to your nose, mouth, eyes or ears. It’s been found that 80% of all infections are spread when you touch a germ and then touch your mouth, eyes, and nose.

Further, a new analysis by infectious disease specialists and biostatisticians mimicked the spread of a flu virus and found about 30 to 40 percent of transmission will occur in households and about 20 percent in schools.

The swine flu virus can survive on objects like desks and doorknobs for two to eight hours, according to the CDC. And it’s highly likely that you WILL come into contact with it, or another virus... potentially many hundreds of times a day.

So it turns out mom's advice to wash your hands with soap was right all along. In fact, hand washing with soap and water has been proven to be the best way to get disease-causing viruses off of your hands.

But you should know there are a couple of problems with hand-washing that must be addressed.

First, if you wash your hands too often, you may actually dry out and damage your skin -- and your skin is actually the best defense against invading viruses. If your dry hands crack or have other tiny abrasions from excessive hand-washing, it will allow an entry point for viruses.

Second, hand-washing is not always convenient or possible. For instance, if you shake hands with a colleague or any public surface you touch (anything: i.e. grocery cart, door knobs, desk top, counter tops, etc) it’s not possible to wash your hands right away and you may end up touching your eyes, nose or mouth unconsciously before you do, providing direct entryway for a viruses.

Why Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers (i.e. Purell, etc.) are NOT a Good Solution

You may be tempted to carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with your for those times when you can’t wash your hands, but you should know that hand sanitizers, including one of the leading brands, Purell, have been given a seven out of 10 score for toxicity (with 10 being the highest hazard) by the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. According to Skin Deep, ingredients in Purell Hand Sanitizer are linked to:

  • Cancer

  • Developmental/reproductive toxicity

  • Allergies/immunotoxicity

  • Neurotoxicity

  • Endocrine disruption

  • Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)

  • Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs)

Further, several of the ingredients have noted violations, restrictions and warnings and have been labeled as contamination concerns, occupational hazards, and causing biochemical or cellular level changes.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can also be harsh on your skin, leading to tiny cracks on your skin’s surface -- and these cracks may actually provide an entryway for disease-causing organisms!

What is a BETTER Option Than Soap and Water, Purell and Other Hand Sanitizers? And Why?

The best alternative to soap and water -- ideal for use when you can’t get to a sink or have been washing your hands to the point they are getting dry and cracked -- are Hospital-Grade Microfiber Hand Wipes.

Hospital-Grade Microfiber Terry Coths and Super Silks are used by hospitals, schools and other commercial organizations that require ultra-clean environments. Hospital-Grade ultramicrofiber construction combined with a PerfectClean patented antimicrobial chemistry that enables these clothes to reach deep into microscopic crevices of all surfaces, including your hands, to remove pathogens in their path... that is because at an astonishing 3 microns, the ultramicrofibers are even smaller than most bacteria (each 12" cleaning hand wipe cloth contains over 300 miles of actual cleaning surface!).

Hospital-Grade Microfiber Hand Wipes PerfectClean products are completely safe, reducing or even eliminating the need for harsh soaps and cleaners. You can use the mircrofiber hand wipes dry or dampened only with water for the most effective clean.

In fact, we recommend carrying a Hospital-Grade Microfiber Hand Wipe in your pocket and wiping your hand discreetly any time you shake hands or touch a public surface (especially door knobs, shopping cart handles, light switches and other heavily contaminated but rarely cleaned surfaces). Because swine flu has also been spreading around schools, we recommend you tuck one in your child’s backpack and teach him or her to wipe his hands regularly throughout the day.

Incredible 70% to 80% OFF Savings To Help You Get Through Flu Season

By keeping a Hospital-Grade Microfiber Hand Wipe in your pocket or purse to wipe your hands discreetly throughout the day, any time you touch a common surface others have touched, can help minimize your risk of contagious illnesses of all kinds.

Learn More and Order Hospital-Grade Microfiber Hand Wipes for Your Entire Family Now!

For your health we have just gotten special pricing that we are passing along to you.

10 Hospital-Grade MicroFiber Hand Wipes. You get: (5) 12" Terry Cloths and (5) 12" Silk Hand Wipes (5 hand wipes and 5 hand silk wipes)

Was $71.90
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20 Hospital-Grade MicroFiber Hand Wipes. You Get: (10) 12" Terry Cloths and (10) 12" Silk Hand Wipes (5 hand wipes and 5 hand silk wipes)

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We are passing along the best prices we could get to assure you can take immediate advantage of these amazing products. For a small investment you can make a major difference in your family’s health through flu season.

How to Use Hospital-Grade Microfiber Hand Wipes

  • Place in your pocket or purse. Wipe and rub your hands and fingers thoroughly after you come into contact with people through handshakes or when you touch surfaces that others have touched.

  • Clean surfaces using Hand Wipes from your car steering wheel and doorknobs, to all the various surfaces throughout your home and office.

  • Use these wipes to clean anywhere others touch: on your desktop, telephone, keyboard, door knobs & door frames, chair-arms/back, mirror surfaces, file cabinets, other office furniture and other large surfaces. Can be used dry or lightly dampened.

  • Wipe frequently touched areas once per day, more frequently during flu season or anytime others visit your office and/or use your office equipment

What Else Can You do to Minimize Your Risk of Swine Flu -- Or Any Flu ?

As the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", and the best thing you can do to stay healthy is lead a healthy lifestyle. This means eating fresh, non-processed foods, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and making sure stress does not get out of hand. With a healthy lifestyle, your immune system will be functioning at its best, and if you do come down with the flu it will easily be able to defeat the virus.

Staying Healthy is Key to Avoiding the Swine Flu

shea vaughn

Regular exercise is a key way to stay healthy, and SheaNetics realizes your goal is to find total health and fulfillment that is life lasting. This can be achieved by creating harmony in body, mind and self. SheaNetics gives you the practical tools to get into shape and kick it to ever higher levels.

Each nearly one hour workout is a new blend of the-best-of-the-best from Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Martial Arts Movements, Gyro-Kinesis, Dance and MORE -- guiding you through unique sequences of movements that strengthen, sculpt, build core and increase flexibility!

Keep fit:

"Aerobic activity improves the exchange of oxygen to keep the immune system strong and lungs clear," says Dr. Oz.

We highly recommended Sheanetics.

This is a “do it yourself” in-home high-quality DVD set developed by Shea Vaughn, personal trainer to many top Movie Stars and top Professional Athletes, who herself is a senior in incredible shape and very healthy (as you will see) due to her incredibly unique progression of workouts.  

You get her three DVD Series of outstanding low-impact Exercises PLUS a bonus of three CDs of her incredible original music (both relaxation and meditation music CDs).

For what the Stars and Professional Athletes pay Hundreds of Dollars per hour, you get years of personal use for only $69.95 if you order now.

Keep fit for less!

Sheanetics has told us that they will soon not offer this value of all these combined DVDs and CDs.  They plan to break this set up into individual DVDs and CDs each costing as much as one half this price, which could make this total package as much as three times the price or more.

So we recommend you buy NOW before this offer is no longer available!

sheanetics Order your 6-PACK SheaNetics DVD/CD workout collection today!

Striving for a healthy lifestyle is something you can do each and every day, regardless of whether or not there's a threat of swine flu in your area, as doing so will help you to ward off all kinds of other illnesses as well.

They key lies in keeping your immune system strong.

How to Boost Your Immune System Using Truly High Quality Probiotics

Your key defense against viruses like colds and flu is your immune system -- and 70 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive system. This means that if your gut is overrun with bad bacteria, there’s a good chance your immune system will not be functioning at its best.

"Introducing friendly bacteria into the digestive system improves how we absorb vitamins, nutrients and co-factors, so overall, immunity is boosted," Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, medical director of the Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine, told ABC News.

In fact, new research published in the journal Pediatrics has shown that probiotics may be useful for preventing cold and flu viruses.


Since 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive system, eating more probiotic-rich foods, and taking a probiotic supplement, may very well help you ward of cold and flu viruses.

The Probiotic Study, which involved nearly 250 kids between the ages of 3 and 5, involved one group of children who received a single strain of a probiotic called Lactobacillus acidophilus, one group who received a combination of L acidophilus and Bifidobacterium probiotics, and a final group who received a placebo.

The groups were given the supplements twice daily for six months and results showed that, compared to the placebo group:

  • The single probiotic group had reduced fever incidence by 53 percent, decreased coughing by over 41 percent and reduced runny noses by 28 percent.

  • The combination probiotics group had reduced fever incidence by nearly 73 percent, decreased coughing by 62 percent and reduced runny noses by nearly 59 percent.

  • Both groups also used fewer antibiotics and missed fewer days of school or daycare due to the flu.

As flu season is just around the corner, starting your family on a preventive regimen of probiotics now may help to keep illness away come fall and winter.

In choosing a probiotic supplement for yourself, highly recommends AbsorbAid Probiotic -- a superlative probiotic supplement that provides clinical activities supporting systemic health and wellness through immune-system protection, allergy reduction and effective and enhanced nutrient absorption.

AbsorbAid Probiotic has 30 billion organisms per capsule, with two clinically effective and dominant genera Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus: L. acidophilus and L. salivarius in a 2:1 ratio and B. lactis and B. breve, also in a 2:1 ratio. Each bacterial genus-species has its own specific metabolic activities, which lead to their effective inter-species synergism.

Further, this proprietary probiotic blend contains a strain that survives with or without oxygen, unlike others -- one that doubles its population every 20 minutes so you need less of it, and one that binds to the intestinal mucosa to help reduce pathogenic bacteria.

Have You Heard the News About Vitamin D’s Flu-Fighting Potential?

Vitamin D has shown great promise in fighting off the flu, and people who are deficient may be more likely to get infected.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola:

"At least five studies show an inverse association between lower respiratory tract infections and 25(OH)D [vitamin D] levels. That is, the higher your vitamin D level, the lower your risk of contracting colds, flu, and other respiratory tract infections."

The link is so promising that the Public Health Agency of Canada is currently investigating the role of vitamin D in protection against swine flu.

vitamin d

Vitamin D, which you can get through sun exposure or taking a vitamin D3 supplement, may help fight the flu.

WARNING: Little know fact. Vitamin D3 supplements are in an oil form which are difficult if not impossible for your stomach lining to absorb. It’s very very important and necessary to take vitamin D3 along with a high-quality digestive enzyme to aid your absorption. to NOT simply waste most if not all your vitamin D3 supplements with no benefits!

The type of vitamin D supplement to look for is vitamin D3, which is the same natural vitamin D your body makes when exposed to the sun. Avoid vitamin D2, which is synthetic and may be less safe and less effective.

The BIG Vitamin D3 Problem...
... What no one selling you Vitamin D3 Supplements wants you to know!

Vitamin D3 is an oil-soluble vitamin that is not well absorbed. To get the benefits of Vitamin D3 that you want take unique AbsorbAid Platinum from This is a vegetable-based digestive enzyme, which is an excellent transfer agent of Vitamin D3. It combines its effective ratio of proteases, amylases, lipases and cellulases with two "acid-tolerant" bacteria or a probiotic combination, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. AbsorbAid Platinum also helps you to break down food groups and maximize nutrient absorption while alleviating digestive disturbances such as acid indigestion.

Without AbsorbAid Platinum you risk the fall and winter dangers without your needed absorption of Vitamin D3.

What to Do if You are Forced to Take a Vaccine

There are concerns that the swine flu vaccine may become mandatory for all U.S. citizens, the way it has already become mandatory for New York health care workers, New Jersey mandatory H1N1 vaccine for all school children, Massachusetts newly passed Martial Law related to Swine Flu Vaccinations, etc.!

There are concerns that the swine flu vaccine may become mandatory for all U.S. citizens, the way it has already become mandatory for New York health care workers, New Jersey mandatory H1N1 vaccine for all school children, Massachusetts newly passed Martial Law related to Swine Flu Vaccinations, etc.!

Can this really happen? Yes!

Since swine flu has been dubbed a "public health emergency" you, your family, and loved ones are subject to federal and state public health laws that contain, according to NVIC, "provisions for isolation, quarantine and vaccination of citizens, [which] may or may not be enforced by government officials during a declared public health emergency involving outbreaks of communicable infectious diseases."

So depending on whether these laws are enforced or not, you could be quarantined or isolated against your will for choosing NOT to get the swine flu vaccine.

Vaccine makers, meanwhile, will not be held liable for any deaths or illnesses that their experimental swine flu vaccine causes, because Congress took away liability for experimental drugs and vaccines that are released for public use under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Cleanse Your Body of Heavy Metals Using "Heavy Metals Detox" ("HMD")

Mercury Detox

If you have to take a swine flu vaccine, or choose to, you should take steps if possible, before and after to minimize any harmful effects, including those from the heavy metals aluminum and mercury that the swine flu vaccine may contain.

heavy metal detox Learn More Including Why to Order HMD Now!

Many research studies in the U.S. and Europe have linked heavy metal toxicity with a wide range of illnesses including cancers, neurological degeneration, autism, attention deficit disorders, Alzheimer's disease, joint problems and even obesity. And because heavy metal toxicity is cumulative, meaning it builds up in your body over time, you could already have a dangerous level in your system.

The heavy metals from the swine flu vaccine will enter your body along with any others you’ve already accumulated from silver dental fillings, contaminated seafood and other foods, cosmetics, pollution, contaminated water and other sources, creating a potentially dangerous scenario. This creates a huge toxic load in the body that is accumulative -- it may be that the additional load from the vaccine is the key to triggering a toxic time bomb in the body.

This is why, if you take the swine flu vaccine for any reason, you should take steps to detoxify your body BEFORE you even take the vaccine. Dr. George Georgiou, Ph.D., DSc, N.D. a scientist that has researched and published on heavy metal toxicity strongly believes that everyone has heavy metal toxins, even young children who often get toxins from the mother in the womb. This is why we can all benefit from removing toxic metals from our bodiesimmediately so that this next vaccine’s "added" heavy metal toxins do not suddenly trigger a potential illness or death.

What is a Safe, Natural, and Cost-effective way to Detox Heavy Metals?

Leading Heavy Metals Detox "HMD" (Important Oral Detoxing Agent)

Dr. Georgiou has spent years researching many natural products that were purporting to detox heavy metals. After testing more than 25 natural substances in double-blind, placebo controlled trials; Dr. Georgiou developed a synergistic blend of natural products that is powerful enough to remove all types of toxic metals. It is not the individual components of HMD that make it effective, but the synergy of all the ingredients together. This product is HMD™ (Heavy Metals Detox).

What are the ingredients of HMD™?

HMD™ is a unique, synergistic compound comprising of:

  • Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum)

  • Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), a steam distillation extract of Chlorella pyrenoidosa

  • Homaccord of Chlorella pyrenoidosa.

Why use HMD™ vs. other toxic metal chelators (Heavy Metal Detoxers)?

There are a number of reasons why HMD™ stands out against their competition which we found to date:

  • HMD is the only natural metal detoxifier that has undergone scientific research over a 3-year period with several hundred people using urine and feces samples, measured by ICP-MS spectrometers. This research required Millions of dollars which we believe is why most supplement manufacturers do not attempt doing same plus possibly most (if not all) are reluctant do independent research due to their lack of confidence of potential results.

  • HMD truly works in detoxifying and eliminating nasty heavy metals such as aluminum, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and uranium from your body -- HMD covers nearly every toxic heavy metal concern originated from vaccinations.

  • HMD is NATURAL and non-chemical with no toxic side effects.

  • HMD can be used by all age groups from infants to centenarians.

  • HMD can be used preventatively by mothers-to-be, young children, adults and even pets.

  • HMD has many other health benefits related to the elimination of toxic metals such as increased energy levels, less painful joints, fewer headaches, and HMD helps regulate blood sugar levels.
heavy metal detoxLearn More Including Why to Order HMD Now!

The heavy metals from the swine flu vaccine will enter your body aggregating with any others you’ve already accumulated, from silver dental fillings, contaminated seafood and other foods, cosmetics, pollution, contaminated water and other sources, creating a potentially dangerous scenario. It would be wise to disarm this potential "time-bomb" now before it potentially causes serious illness or death.

The toxic metals in the vaccination could ignite the fuse that causes progressive or fast acting catastrophic illnesses like GBS.

Even if you are one of the few who isn’t riddled with heavy metal toxins,, the benefits you will receive from chelating using HMD™ are enormous to preserving your health at optimum levels. Remember, we are all encumbered with some level of toxins as no-one is immune to the adverse health effects of the toxic world that we live in.

Using HMD™ is a simple and pleasant way to help your body detoxify some of the harmful effects of heavy metals in your environment, and from vaccines.

HMD™ will help to mobilize metals from the body, helping to enable their elimination through the detoxification organs.

Dr. Georgiou, HMD’s inventor and worldwide patent-pending holder recommends the use of the ULTIMATE DETOX PACK which contains a months supply of HMD, a natural herbal drainage remedy (Organic Lavage) to help the metals eliminate from the body via the liver and kidneys, as well as Chlorella tablets to help grab any metals that are straying in the gut and prevent their reabsorption. You also get a 10% saving on these when ordered together, and this is definitely the best way to chelate / detoxify your body.

Drinking a mug of warm water with the juice of a lemon added, gargling with salt water and using a Neti Pot to cleanse your sinuses can all GREATLY help to relieve your symptoms.

So we highly recommend that if you take the swine flu vaccine (or any vaccine, for that matter), that you use HMD™ (Heavy Metal Detox), a natural oral formula that helps to effectively eliminate heavy metals from your body.

What to Do if You Feel Like You’re Getting Sick

If you feel like you’re coming down with the flu, it’s important to take plenty of time to rest, eat healthy and continue to get plenty of pure water. You can also try this simple respiratory cleansing:

  • Make a cup of hot herbal tea (Elderberry is a good antiviral), adding fresh lemon juice to it. Lemon juice is antiseptic, meaning it fights disease-causing bacteria. You can also use a solution of half lemon juice and half hot water as an effective gargle for mouth ulcers, canker sores and sore throats. The anti-bacterial properties make it highly effective, plus it's inexpensive and pleasant tasting.

neti pot
  • Next, gargle with very warm salt water (add as much natural salt (such as sea salt) to a glass of water as you can stand, starting with about 1/2 tsp.). Do this three times a day or more.

  • Use a Neti pot to cleanse your sinuses.

Nasal irrigation using a saline solution and a Neti pot helps to flush out your nasal passages, removing bacteria, allergens and other irritants. Adding 10-15 drops of Echinacea to the Neti pot will make certain to wipe out most bugs from your sinuses.

Wellness kitchen water filterTo use the Neti pot, add about 1 teaspoon of natural salt to 1 pint of "pure, lukewarm water" (such as the Wellness filtered water you can get from your own tap ONLY WITHOUT TOXIC CHLORINE).

Next, tilt your head over the sink and place the spout of the Neti pot into your top nostril. Gently pour the saline solution into your nostril, allowing it to flow through and into your other nasal cavity. Allow the excess fluid to drip from your nostril, and gently blow to remove any remaining liquid. Then repeat the process on the other nostril.

Many people report relief of sinus problems by using a Neti pot daily, and fortunately we have been able to secure an excellent deal on two of the best quality Neti pots available.

Nasal Cleansing "Irrigation" Using a Neti Pot is Recommended by Dr. Oz to Help You Avoid the Swine Flu

Regular nasal irrigation cleansing can help keep your sinuses clear of irritants and disease-causing microorganisms, and studies show they are as effective at drugs for preventing sinus infections.

Brining Forward for Daily Use Today an Ancient Natural Simple Secret that Truly Works

vitamin d

Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot we found is the best ergonomic and best seller for many reasons due to its many benefits:

  • Clear the nasal passages

  • Remove excess mucus

  • Reduce dust and pollen by cleansing nasal passages

  • Relieve nasal dryness

  • Heavy-duty construction -- dishwasher safe

  • Available in Original Ceramic Model or Plastic Travel Model

  • Ceramic crafted from sturdy lead-free ceramic and coated with food-grade sealant glaze

  • Plastic Travel model crafted from sturdy food-grade HDPE lead-free plastic

  • Designed with easy-grip handle, better nozzle seal, balanced for ease of use, concave grip for more assured control, better water chamber for less mess and easier cleaning

neti pot

Order for the Flu Season the Best-Designed Neti Pot on the Market, Ancient Secrets Cleansing Pot, and Natural Saline Solution, Now!

We recommend daily use of the Neti Pot during flu season. Use it morning and night when slights signs of stuffiness, congestion or flu appear.

Because germs typically enter your body through your nose, and eyes, keeping your hands away from your face is a great insurance policy. That way, even if you do have a virus on your hands, there’s a good chance it won’t be able to enter your body.

Dr. Oz recommends also coating your nose with beeswax to act as a protective barrier if your nose is dry, along with regular use of a Neti pot to flush your sinuses. Dr. Oz says:

"Regular use of a Neti pot can keep sinuses and passages clear."

And according to Susan Smith Jones, PhD, in her article "The Healing Poser of Neti -- Nasal Cleansing," "Dr. Andrew Weil, among others, is a strong proponent of nasal cleansing on a regular basis. Research and articles have appeared in a number of professional journals such as the Academy of Otolaryngology. Also, research conducted at the Harvard Medical School shows that nasal cleansing can aid in various chronic and acute conditions, including allergic rhinitis and acute sinusitis.

Doctors and alternative health practitioners around the world recommend the regular practice of nasal cleansing using a saline solution as part of a regular regimen of health and well being."

neti pots

There are many Neti pots on the market, however highly recommends Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot.

Ancient Secrets Neti pot has a truly advanced design with easy-grip handle and better nozzle seal. It’s also balanced for ease of use with a concave grip for more assured control, and a better water chamber for less mess and easier cleaning.

Ancient Secrets Neti Pot is also available in a plastic travel model crafted from sturdy food-grade HDPE lead-free plastic. We highly recommend using the ceramic Neti pot at home and taking the plastic version along with you when you travel.

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You’re Well on Your Way to Staying Healthy This Flu Season!

With the natural tips detailed above, you and your family can stay healthy this flu season and always.

Preparation Meets Opportunity

Remember These Simple Secrets:

We are passing along the best information and best prices we can on all these above Flu season items to assure you can take immediate advantage of these findings and amazing products plus incredible low prices… ALL TO HELP YOU STAY HEALTHY.

For a small investment you too can make a major difference in your family’s health this flu season.

And please do feel free to share and pass along / forward these important tips with your friends and loved ones, as these are the steps that can help keep you and your family flu-free... without the need for an experimental vaccine.


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