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The Missing Link to Your Preventive Healthcare:'s Recommendation of the Month, PerfectClean!


Those who are dedicated to avoiding illness and disease and improving their health and wellbeing wisely focus on proper diet and exercise but - largely because the information and research has not been widely available up until now - often overlook the extreme importance of “indoor environmental health.”

Because it is so critical, however, delved in to find what leading hospitals, schools, hotels and other institutions are doing to keep their environments clean and healthy, which is a must in their businesses. Out of that came what you'll read about below: the buzzword, “ultramicrofibers,” and the top recommendation to you, PerfectClean.

“PerfectClean Gets Surfaces Clean at a Microscopic Level Unlike Other Cleaners, Which Means a Safer Home for You and Your Loved Ones. See the Six PerfectClean Bestsellers Below!”

But first, if you want to prevent yourself, your children, and other loved ones from getting sick with illnesses like the flu and diarrhea to serious contagious diseases, there are three critical points you must be aware of:

  1. The spread of disease-causing germs from objects to people is one of the top pathways to getting sick. People carrying bacteria, viruses or other types of germs on their hands touch these objects, other people then touch these same objects and, like we all do many times per day, then touch their face... and a wide variety of illnesses can result.


  2. While many people think these germ-laden objects are located “on the outside” somewhere, such as port-o-potties or escalator handrails, very few realize that it is in the home and office where a tremendous amount of these illness-causing germs reside and linger, and from where many people get sick.


  3. Keeping your home and office clean down to the microscopic level is just as critical as personal hygiene and an optimized immune system if you're committed to avoiding illness and disease. But today's common cleaning products - from Lysol and Mr. Clean to Pledge and the Swiffer Wet Jet - don't even scratch the surface when it comes to “cleaning to help protect your health” that you and your family deserve.

In fact, many of the chemical cleaners can pose risks to your health (check out their labels!), while studies have found that common cleaning tools like dish rags, sponges, and sponge-mops are some of the most germ-laden objects found in the home!

Many people would guess that, at home and in the office, the toilet seat would be one of the areas most infested with germs, but a landmark University of Arizona study conducted by leading microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba produced some startling findings the should concern everyone:

  • Out of fifteen household locations studied, the toilet seat has the lowest bacteria count

  • The kitchen sponge that is meant for cleaning actually has a bacteria count of 10,000 per square inch. The toilet seat average?  Just 49 bacteria per square inch!

  • Office desktops are actually one of the filthiest locations, with an average 21,000 bacteria per square inch

  • The phone receiver has a whopping 25,000 bacteria per square inch, while computer keyboards have 3300 and computer mice have 1700

  • The kitchen sink, the refrigerator and common cotton dishrags are three other top areas for germs

Meanwhile, various viruses like flu viruses can survive for up to 72 hours on the surfaces in your home and office. Rotavirus - which is responsible for 500,000 doctor visits and 50,000 hospitalizations yearly in the U.S., and is the number one viral infection in children - is commonly passed by both direct contact with other people and contact with surfaces where the virus is lingering. And the deadly hantavirus prevalent in North America - see Hantavirus: The Little Mouse in Your House Could Be Deadly! - is caused by the hantavirus spread by mice on surfaces throughout the home.

Believe in Preventive Healthcare?  Then you Must Keep Your Home PerfectClean!

If you are a health-conscious person, you are well aware that fast food restaurants and highly processed foods like white bread, though quick and convenient, are the antithesis of healthy eating.

It is important, then, to understand this metaphor: the common household cleaners and tools, from cotton mops and rags to “anti-bacterial” floor cleaners and furniture polish, are the fast food restaurants and white bread of the cleaning world.

They're conveniently available just about anywhere, and people perceive that they are inexpensive (though as you will see, PerfectClean is actually a far better value), but they're also largely ineffective when it comes to cleaning not only for visual purposes but to help protect you and your loved ones' health.

Just as you are wise to find out what the leading nutrition experts are eating in order to improve your diet, you would be wise to learn what the leading healthcare and other institutions whose businesses depend on a microscopic level of cleanliness are using for the sake of your health and wellbeing.

What they are using is the completely safe, cost-efficient, and remarkably effective “ultramicrofiber cleaning” of PerfectClean products. In short, these are mops, terry clothes, dusters, and more that - in the commercial market up to this point - have completely revolutionized cleaning.

That's why they are a highly recommended product, and why - for the first time to the general public! - we have worked with the PerfectClean organization to make them available to you (all at a very special introductory price as you will see!)

Read below the five most compelling reasons why PerfectClean is selling out among leading hospitals, schools and other organizations that depend on truly healthy cleaning, and you'll quickly understand why you and your loved ones don't deserve any less!

Why Leading Hospitals, Schools, and More have Turned To PerfectClean

  1. Cleans All the Way Down to the Microscopic Level: PerfectClean's ultramicrofiber construction combined with a patented antimicrobial chemistry enables its wipers, towels and flat mops to reach deep into microscopic crevices and remove EVERYTHING in its path.

    The system's vertically woven ultramicrofibers offer more cleaning surface than any other product available (each cleaning cloth contains over 300 miles of actual cleaning surface), reaching deep into pores and uneven surfaces to capture soil, grease, hairs and contaminants that can't be seen with the naked eye.

    The ultramicrofibers are ideal for cleaning, as they only measure 3 microns - which is smaller than most bacteria!

  2. Reduces Exposure Danger to You & Your Children: PerfectClean products are completely safe, reducing or even eliminating the need for dangerous chemical cleaners (and eliminating sponges, rags, etc., which are major havens for germs!)

    A good rule of thumb: If something SMELLS clean, then it is most likely toxic. Most people are fooled by the "smells clean" factor in chemical cleaners; however, the truth is that what is ACTUALLY CLEAN is ODORLESS. You can use PerfectClean towels and wipers dry or dampened with water because their deep cleaning power is in the revolutionary ultramicrofiber. (Some may choose to still use cleaning solutions with it, though it is not necessary. If you do decide to use chemicals, make sure you use considerably less.)

  3. Saves You a Lot of Money: You will SAVE MONEY because, first of all, the hospitals and other commercial organizations trust using PerfectClean towels, duster covers and other ultramicrofiber products over a 100 times before replacing them! When you check out the entire PerfectClean line offered by, do the math - the amount you'll save (for a far superior product) is incredible.

    You'll save still more money, because you will be able to eliminate using paper towels, germ-infested sponges and rags, chemical cleaners and more by using PerfectClean instead, just as commercial hospitality and healthcare companies are doing!

  4. Saves You Time (and Wear and Tear!): Because the PerfectClean focus is on the "tool" - the microscopic cleaning power of the wipes, towels, duster covers and more -- you don't have to waste your time and energy cleaning with various cleaners for different types of surfaces.

    PerfectClean ultramicrofibers pick up EVERYTHING in their path - dirt, dust, dander, hair, oil, biological contaminants, etc. - which means cleaning is remarkably easy for you.

  5. A Better, More Noticeable "Clean:" In addition to wiping away dangers, you will quickly notice that PerfectClean products visually clean better. That means an aesthetically better appearance on EVERY type of hard surface, including glass, plastics, ceramic, wood and more. Also, both vertical and horizontal surfaces - such as baseboards, mirrored walls, shower surrounds, walls and finished floors - will be a breeze to clean with PerfectClean products.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, keeping your home clean is one of the most effective measures you should take to help prevent health issues, and two of the keys they cite are:

  1. Use Preventative Measures
  2. Buy the Least Harmful Product Available

No other product even comes close to PerfectClean in achieving these two keys, so click here to see the entire line of PerfectClean products available to you, or click on any of the specially priced bestsellers below to learn how they can help you

Flexible Duster and Duster Cover

All Purpose Terry-Cloth (12"x12") 5-Pack

Scrub & Clean Reversible Glove 2-Pack


PerfectClean Home & Office Pure Pack


Super Silk Cloth (12" x 12") 2-Pack


EasyGrip Telescopic 11" or 20" Flat Mop System


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