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Healing with Crystals: Is There Any Proof It Works?

Crystals have been used as a source of healing and inspiration in just about every ancient culture, from the Egyptians to the Chinese and Native Americans.


Crystals are said to emit energy fields that can alter your physical and mental well-being.

Back then, these natural gemstones that arose from the earth's crust were used in ceremonies, and for decoration, protection and guidance. Today, crystal "healers" still swear by crystals' ability to protect and balance the human body -- but is there any evidence that they really work?

The Case for Crystals

Crystal healers say that crystals contain an inherent life force, or pranna, as do all things on earth, including the human body. If the energy fields in your body become blocked for some reason -- due to emotional stress or environmental factors, for instance -- disease can occur. Crystals, however, help to eliminate blocks from your energy fields and provide balance to your body.

Specifically, crystals are often said to be connected to the seven main charkas, or energy centers, of the human body. Each chakra controls a certain gland in your body, which in turn controls certain organs. Chakras also have a color, and using a similarly colored crystal may help to balance out the corresponding chakra, improving physical and mental health.

What are Different Crystals Used For?


According to crystal healers, you can't go wrong when choosing a crystal because the one you need most will naturally appeal to you. Still, certain crystals are known for different uses, and here's a list of some common varieties.

  • Amethyst: Helps arthritis, hearing and bones, increases spiritual awareness.

  • Citrine: Helps digestion, increases self-esteem.

  • Diamond: Increases personal clarity, balances metabolism, detoxifies your body.

  • Onyx: Helps repair cell damage.

  • Peridot: Strengthens all organs and protects the user from negativity.

  • Turquoise: Strengthens the mind and body.

  • Opal: Helps you see new possibilities.

  • Rose quartz: Calming and balancing, beneficial for love.

  • Garnet: Increases courage, sexual energy and enthusiasm.

"The beauty of crystals and gemstones alike is that each and every one, depending on its molecular structure, will send out a constant and stable current or message," says crystal healing therapist and reiki practitioner Markus van derWesthuizen in Health 24.

"If you understand the concept that everything in our physical and non-physical world is made up of continuously vibrating atoms, then this concept can also be applied to how crystals work. When you hold or wear a crystal, the unique message from it is emanated into your body, passing the message from cell to cell -- and this is where the healing takes place," he continues.

Is There Scientific Proof?

Much of the "proof" behind crystal healing comes from anecdotal reports, which for many believers is good enough for them.

However, one study by Dr. Christopher French at Goldsmiths College, London found that crystal powers may all be in the mind.

He asked 80 volunteers to meditate while holding either a real or a fake crystal. All of the volunteers reported at least moderate effects, such as improvement in well-being, relaxation, an increased level of consciousness, and increased concentration -- whether they held a fake or a real crystal.

"The power of suggestion, either explicit or implicit, seems to be the not so mysterious power that may convince many that crystals have the potential to work miracles," Dr. French said.

So do they work?

In terms of a placebo effect, according to science, yes.

"Clearly, there is an effect here -- people did react to having a crystal in their hand, whether it was real or not," said Dr. Chris Wiseman of Hertfordshire University who co-authored the study.

In short, if you believe that a crystal will benefit you, it just might.

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