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Bath or Shower: Which is Better for You and Why?

Most people are very loyal to their bathing method, whether it be shower or bath, and will defend said method to no end. Then there is the, slightly less common, bunch who like to mix things up, taking a shower some days and baths others.

Whether you prefer showers or baths, get the most benefits while you wash by using the tips at the end of the article.

But have you ever stopped to wonder which method is actually superior? Here we break down the age-old question of which is better: baths or showers?

Showers: The Benefits

Those in the shower camp will often claim that showers are better because they use up less water. While this may be true sometimes, it really depends on the person. A quick five-minute (or less) shower with a low-flow shower head (which reduces the amount of water released per minute) can, indeed, use up much less water than a bath in a tub filled to the brim.

At the same time, though, an indulgent 25-minute shower with the water on full blast can easily use a lot more water than a bath in a semi-full tub.

Water use aside, though, there are a host of reasons why showers are grand, including:

  • They're fast. Theoretically, you can be in and out of a shower in less than the time it takes to fill up the tub.

  • They're effective. Showers allow you to wash and rinse. Baths allow you to wash, but you can't really rinse off the soap and/or dirt.

  • They feel good. Water flowing over your body, particularly if you've chosen a good showerhead, can feel almost like a massage.

  • You can use hot and cold water for hydrotherapy. One type of hydrotherapy (or water therapy) involves taking a warm shower followed by a short burst of cold water. The change in temperature is said to help release tension then stimulate and invigorate the body.

Baths: The Benefits

That said, baths certainly have their upside as well. Bathhouses have historically been used for their therapeutic, healing properties. Bathing in these natural, mineral-rich waters was said to relax the mind and benefit rheumatic, inflammatory and muscular ailments.

Here's something shower people and bath people can agree on: sudsing up with the all-natural, and deliciously scented, Vermont Soap Organics Bath and Shower Gel.

Even in your own bathtub, you may have experienced some of the soothing benefits of baths, such as:

  • They're relaxing. Soaking in a warm bath, particularly with some aromatherapy bath salts, is an indulgent way to soothe aching muscles and sore feet, relieve stress and take some time for yourself.

  • They help your circulation. "A warm bath dilates your blood vessels and helps circulation," says Janice Hein, supervisor of the Oasis Spa at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona, in an Arizona Republic article. "It relieves your aches and pains and can be very therapeutic."

  • They may help relieve pain. Immersing yourself in a bathtub of water helps take weight off of joints and muscles, and may be beneficial for arthritis, back pain, headaches, sports injuries and more.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Shower and/or Bath

Ultimately, the question of whether to take showers or baths is up to you to decide ... but why not pamper yourself with the benefits of both, and incorporate both showers and baths into your bathing lifestyle?

To get the maximum relaxation and other benefits out of your next shower or bath, check out these simple tips:

  • Use water that's warm, but not hot. Water that's too hot can scald the skin or cause it to become dry.

  • Use shower/bath gels and soaps that are free of chemicals, such as Vermont Soap Organics All-Natural Bath and Shower Gel.

  • Indulge your senses. Use some aromatherapy bath salts (country lavender or peppermint magic, anyone?) and experience the proven health benefits of aromatherapy.

  • Set the mood. Turn down the lights, light a candle and shut the door. Affectionately (but firmly) remind your family that you are off-limits during this time.

  • Try to conserve water. If showering, use a low-flow showerhead (or don't turn the water on full blast). If taking a bath, don't fill the tub up all the way.

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