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The Average Salary in the United States for 20
Common Jobs & How to Quickly Find Any Average
Salary for Any Position

If you're currently in the market for a new job -- and 66 percent of Americans are, according to a Yahoo HotJobs survey -- determining your salary requirements can be difficult. Salaries vary widely by industry, region and experience level, and according to how well you can negotiate.

low salary

Too low of a salary is the most common complaint Americans have about their jobs.

Not surprisingly, the number one reason why many Americans are not satisfied with their current jobs is salary, and over one-quarter (27 percent) of the Yahoo survey respondents believed, in fact, that they could secure a better salary in 2007 by finding a new job.

Before you take the leap into a new profession (or if you're just curious where you stand in yours), take a look through the following average salaries for 20 common jobs, and see if your salary is where it should be.

Average Salaries for 20 Common Jobs

  1. Teacher (elementary): $47,599

  2. Physician (general): $144,435

  3. Program Manager: $122,592

  4. Electrical Engineer: $54,966

  5. Instrument Technician: $41,765

  6. Attorney: $82,563

  7. Pharmacist: $100,015

  8. Project Administrator: $48,376

  9. Programmer: $51,724

Find a Salary in Your Region

low salary

Salaries, of course, vary widely by U.S. region. If you would like to find a salary tailored to your area, check out this excellent free tool for an instant quote.

  1. Designer: $43,452

  2. Architect: $56,637

  3. Paralegal: $42,349

  4. Psychologist: $75,965

  5. Dentist: $125,952

  6. Physical Therapist: $64,710

  7. Nurse Practitioner: $77,334

  8. Registered Nurse: $58,575

  9. Project Manager III: $89,412

  10. IT Manager (computer operations): $78,124

  11. Accountant: $40,011

While salary is important when it comes to job satisfaction, remember that money isn't everything. Other important things to consider are location (how long will you spend commuting?), vacation time (how much?) and, most importantly, how much time you'll be able to spend with your family.

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