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An Excellent Guide to Degunking Your Personal Finances

There's no way around it. As much as you try to ignore it, or put it off until tomorrow, the work of (properly) managing your money will always be there.

Dealing with finances is a joy for a select few, a chore for many, and downright frightening to many more. But ignoring a bad financial situation is like ignoring your lawn - the less you pay attention to it, the more out of control it grows.

No matter where they are at today, you can become more organized and get your finances in better shape by "Degunking Your Personal Finances."

But learning how to take control of your financial life, eliminating stress, and achieving your goals is possible, and quite easy to achieve, with the help of a simple, proven, 12-step plan explained in the very informative new book, "Degunking Your Personal Finances."

Yes You Really Can Successfully "Degunk" Your Financial Situation

"Degunking Your Personal Finances" delves into every aspect of finances that matters to those who are not yet millionaires. College students, newlyweds, and even the family of four can successfully pay off debt, invest for the future, save for the much-needed vacation, and ultimately achieve financial freedom by following the practical plan outlined in this book.

This book recognizes that it is not possible to "degunk all your financial issues" overnight. Instead, the reader is encouraged at the end of each chapter for their efforts as they complete portions of the 12-step plan.

It is written so that you can succeed at becoming more financially secure, and actually enjoy (okay, "enjoy" might be too a strong word ... how about "pursue and yet remain in a good mood") budgeting, paying bills, investing, etc. This is an excellent guide to truly start making your money work for you -- after all, you've spent a great deal of time earning it!

With Degunking Your Personal Finances, You Will:

  • Create and understand your current financial situation. (chapter 4)

  • Learn a quick and easy way to manage your monthly bills. (pgs. 29-37)

  • Find out how much you spend and where your money goes. (Chapter 11)

  • Use the proven formula that will ensure elimination of credit card debt. (pgs. 100-101)

  • Become familiar with ways to invest for the future and improve your financial security. (Chapters 16 & 17)

  • Build your savings. (Chapter 9)

  • Gain true knowledge on home mortgages - fixed vs. adjustable rates. (pgs. 123-127)

  • Familiarize yourself with your credit report and drastically improve your credit score. (Chapter 10)

  • The ideal financial guide whether you're a college student, a young couple, or you've finally decided it's time to learn all the essentials of personal finance!

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  • Understand how to put strategies in place to help you cope with unexpected events that can leave you financially burdened. (Chapter 17)

  • Get useful tips on how to save on clothing, vehicle purchases, vacations, home repairs. (Chapter 12)

  • Find hidden money - these amazing tips are worth the price of the book alone! (pgs. 256-269)

  • Take advantage of charts, forms, internet sites, and other resources that are provided throughout this book to give you a clearer understanding of taking control of your financial life.

  • Learn to be in control and buy only the insurance that you need. (pgs. 250-254)

Degunking Your Personal Finances provides you with a simple, easy to follow, 12-step program that helps you take reins of your financial life.

You will not find confusing, hard-to-understand gibberish that only your accountant or advisor can translate - this is for you, the everyday person wanting to learn more and take control of your finances.

Whether you have 15 minutes, an hour, or a day to spend 'degunking' your finances, this book will give you useful suggestions for valuable tasks you can perform in the time you do have.

What Other Readers are Saying

"Degunking Your Personal Finances is good advice from someone who clearly has seen a lot of different financial situations with her clients. It's an easy read with stories and tips that keep in moving along."

-- Gerri Detweiler, "Ultimate Credit Solutions, Inc."

"I wish they would give a book like this to everyone entering college (before they offer all those credit cards!) It is easy to read and not boring like most personal finance books!

-- Unknown, AZ

"Finances sometimes being a difficult and stressful topic, I was extremely relieved at the ease of navigating and digesting the information in this well done book.

-- Kathy Broz, IL

"I am a CPA and this is a book I would like to give to several of my clients and many of my client's children!! It's easy to read and has a common sense approach to handling the financial aspects that everyone encounters in their life.

-- A.T. Lawdahl, CPA, AZ

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