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Ode to the Guava, the World's Healthiest Fruit
by Rachael Droege for Note: While you normally get articles from us on the best approaches to achieve health, safety, prosperity and enjoy your life, here's something a bit different. Because guavas are one of the tastiest and most nutritious foods on earth and therefore well deserving of it -- and because you just don't see many guava poems these days -- we asked poet Rachael Droege (after making sure she enjoys guavas) to create an ode praising its many virtues.

If you enjoy this poem, please feel free to and encourage them to subscribe to the free e-newsletter for more insight (and occasional fun.) If you don't enjoy this ode, try a guava anyway, they're really good.

Most exquisite: the demure guava hanging in the tropics goes mostly unnoticed in America and

why should it, packing a punch five times more powerful than an orange, it's flesh sweeter, like a strawberry pear and

brilliantly colored from a soft cream to bright blood red, each cup loaded with antioxidants--only the blueberry has more--

the guava, yes, a superfood, full of vitamins C and A, lycopene, potassium, fiber to fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease

and, would you believe it, build your immune system and brighten your skin; lower your bad cholesterol and keep bad bacteria at bay ...

Choose one that gives in to pressure, eat it raw and really ripe or jammed, jellied, cooked and juiced,

all the varieties: Brazilian, Costa Rican, Hawaiian (kuawa-lemi, kuawa-momona, kuawa-ke'oke'o),

Blitch, Patillo, Red Indian, Ruby, Supreme ... but still we choose apples, bananas, pears, instead, the guava, you know,

grows here too, California, Florida, Hawaii--if you've never had one, get one today; show your friends (share it if you like them) and be proud

for the guava is a king among fruits, sweet and sour, rich yet light, eat it for breakfast, savor it for dessert,

even cook it green as a side dish, but, take heed: so adaptable is the growing guava that planting it

in your own backyard is a gutsy move--the guava, so grand in its nutritional qualities, is a pest to many

native Hawaiians, growing so wild it's considered nothing more than a tasty weed.

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