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Falling from Windows: How to Prevent this Surprisingly Prevalent Tragedy that Surges in Spring/Summer

With the warmer spring weather upon us, and summer fast approaching, it's tempting to open our windows all the way and let the fresh air in. However, while opening your windows is likely good from an air pollution standpoint (outdoor air is usually cleaner than indoor air, so it's good to let some inside), open windows present a falling danger.

Open Window

Open windows are great for ventilation but are dangerous if small kids or pets are around.

The risk of falling from open windows is particularly high for small children, pets and senior citizens and the elderly.

On May 11, 2005 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, a 70-year-old woman fell about 100 feet from her ninth floor balcony. She was remarkably lucky, however - instead of hitting the ground, Gloria Jummati landed on a small canopy and suffered a mere shoulder injury. She landed exactly in the middle of the canopy, and the pipes holding the canopy bent inward allowing the canopy (which did not rip) to cradle her body and prevent her from hitting the ground!

Most people are not nearly as lucky, as window falls constitute the most serious of all injuries from falls, and the most deaths.

Where elderly people could potentially fall from a window after accidentally losing their balance, and pets

Family in the Park

Don't let a window fall injury ruin your family's summer! Take the precautions below to keep your kids safe.

may not realize the danger of jumping out, children may be drawn to open windows out of curiosity. Says Anne Williams with the Safe Start program at BC's Women and Children's Hospital:

"The normal scenario that results in a fall from a window is that a piece of furniture such as a dresser or bed is placed under a window. The child climbs onto that piece of furniture to see out of the window and then falls. You can fall 2 feet and still have a head injury. So the height of the window is not as important as making sure that it's locked. However, if your window is locked at 4 inches or 10 centimeters, your child won't be able to squeeze through." (You can use a window safeguard like the Window Wedge to control the height or width of your window openings.)

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of young children are killed or injured from falling out of windows every year. And, during the warmer months of spring and summer, when windows are often left open, the number of children who fall from windows increases dramatically, says Williams.

Injuries from falls can be serious. In one study that involved more than 2,000 children in a suburban trauma center, it was found that over 40 percent of them were there due to falls, 11 percent of which were from windows. Most of the kids who fell were between the ages of 0 and 4, and all of them were sent directly to the intensive care unit. Four percent of the children died.

How to Prevent Window Falls

Prevent Young Kids From Falling Out of
an Open Window: Get the Effective,
Economical Window Wedge

Window Wedge

A window that is open too much can be a safety hazard for small children. The Window Wedge allows you to continue to open your windows for fresh air and ventilation, but controls the height or width of window openings so children can't fall out.

  • Use the Window Wedge on double hung or sliding windows.
  • Controls the height or width of any window opening.
  • Easy adhesive mount installation.
  • No tools necessary to mount the Window Wedge.
  • Each package includes two wedges and two tape strips.
  • Choose either Tan or White.
  • Easy to install--just apply hook-and-loop tape strip to a clean, grease-free surface and attach the window wedge at the desired position.
  • Easy to remove, just use a cloth and warm water.
  • Global Safety Cooperation (G.S.C.) certified for simplicity, ease of use and reliability.

Learn More and Order the Window Wedge Now!

The good news is that window falls can easily be prevented.

  • Don't leave windows open wide when children are in the house.

  • Don't depend on screens to keep kids in--a screen is not enough to keep a child from falling out!

  • Always supervise children, including, and especially, when they have access to an open window.

  • Use the Window Wedge to control the height or width of window openings, so you get fresh air but children can't slip out.

  • If possible, open windows from the top and not the bottom.

  • Keep furniture, such as sofas, beds and tables, away from windows (this will discourage children from climbing near the window).

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