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How the "Commercial Cleaning Revolution" has EVERYTHING to Do With Your Health: The 10 Key Reasons to Make the Ultramicrofiber Switch Now

In the last few years, a revolution has been occurring that you likely haven't heard about. While the basis of this revolution is not exactly a riveting conversational topic, it nonetheless has profound implications for your health and your family's health and is well-worth your understanding.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations, schools, premier hotels and other organizations that depend on achieving a microscopic level of cleanliness in their facilities have been rapidly abandoning the use of cleaning tools like sponges, cotton mops and rags that had been the predominant cleaning tools for over 100 years.


Biological & chemical contaminants hide in the crevices, so don't discount the importance of this simple graphic! Read more below and then see the entire line of ultramicrofiber cleaning products.

In summary, there are three key reasons for this move away from the conventional cleaning tools:

  1. Rapidly Growing Indoor Air Pollution Issues. As we have reported before, according to the EPA indoor pollution is now an average of 2-5 times higher than outdoor pollution in the typical American home. This growing indoor pollution issue is also a serious concern in these facilities. Dust typically contains over 20 substances that can be mild to serious health contaminants, such as viruses, mold spores, PCBs, heavy metals like lead and mercury, bacteria, and a variety of toxins from construction, automobiles and other products of modern times.

    Of course, dust -- which is primarily though not solely caused by "dirt" tracked in from the outside - floats in the air and also settles on floors, furniture and other surfaces (where activity stirs it up into the air), meaning people are breathing all of these contaminants in. The problem is exacerbated by advances in building insulation designed to increase energy efficiency - while these advances keep warm or cool air in, like Tupperware they are also sealing all of the contaminants in.

    Effective cleaning has therefore become a higher priority than ever for these organizations ... especially those centered on people's health, like hospitals.

  2. Conventional Cleaning Tools are Top Hosts for Germs. The "traditional" cleaning tools such as the cotton string mops, cotton towels, and especially sponges have been found to be some of the top harbingers of germs. That is, they're actually ideal environments for germs to survive and thrive. Furthermore, they're not very good at their job - their absorbance of contaminants is low and they tend to merely push dust and all it contains around. To counter this ineffectiveness, stronger and stronger concoctions of chemical-based cleaners were being used, but these cleaners have been found to present their own serious toxicity issues.

  3. Conventional Cleaning Tools are Anti-Ergonomic. Use of the conventional cleaning tools have also posed physical challenges to those who use them ... in short, typical tools and approaches like the excessive stooping and wringing with the conventional mop and bucket approach have caused many a permanent backache, repetitive stress issues, and more. Furthermore, because it is difficult to clean effectively with them (for one, because they tend to spread "dirt" around more than absorb it, as noted above), the time involved in using them is excessive, resulting in further aches and pains.

From the businesses' perspective, it's not just about these aches and pains to the workers, but the loss of productivity (i.e., excessive time and money) resulting from that. Simply put, and as just about anyone who has cleaned house can attest, the old mops, brooms and dusters were NOT designed with ergonomics (the science of tools being designed to work WITH your body's best interest) in mind.

Breakdown of Common Components in Household Dust

  • Shed human skin cells
  • Flame retardants like polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)
  • Paint particles
  • Cigarette smoke (and its toxic byproducts)
  • Pesticides
  • PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)
  • PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)
  • Fabric fibers from your clothes, carpets, upholstery, etc.
  • Sand and soil particles
  • Plant and insect parts (When dust is examined under a microscope, it is not at all unusual to spot ant heads or other insect body parts, says Arlian.)
  • Mold spores
  • Pet dander and feathers
  • Dust mites and their feces
  • Viruses
  • Rodent waste
  • Construction debris (adhesives, sawdust, etc.)
  • Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • Asbesto
  • Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury s

Understanding why after 100 years these organizations have rapidly been moving away from conventional cleaning tools (and toxic cleaners), what have they moved to?

Initially they adopted "microfiber" cleaning tools, and now they are moving to "ultramicrofiber" cleaning tools (which are simply a superior advance on microfiber tools.) The "secret" of these 100% safe microfibers is that their deep cleaning power comes entirely from the fabric used in the mop-heads, towels, dusters, and wipers. The "weave" of the fibers is far smaller than any other material used in the old conventional cleaning tools. In short, this means their ability to absorb contaminants is far greater.

"Ultramicrofibers," as the name implies, are simply a vast improvement on microfibers. The PerfectClean company invented the ultramicrofiber weave and, in layman's terms, essentially owns the commercial market on them. The ultramicrofibers are a mere 3 microns in size, far smaller than microfibers and far smaller than even most bacteria. Furthermore, they are positively charged fibers - contaminants are negatively charged, so what this essentially means is that due to the fibers microscopic size and the added positive/negative bonding effect, PerfectClean ultramicrofibers pick up a remarkable 99.98% of all contaminants that the cloths, mop-heads, dusters, etc. encounter!

That is the essence of why hospitals, healthcare organizations, hotels and many other organizations have rapidly been moving to PerfectClean's line of ultramicrofiber cleaning tools ... the key reasons behind the revolution.

Up until recently, the PerfectClean line of ultramicrofiber cleaning products was ONLY available to the commercial industry. But because, as you will learn in more detail below, they are CRITICAL tools to your health and well-being, acquired the exclusive right to offer them to the general public.


Mopping the "old way" is tough, back-breaking work. Turn in your old mop for an ergonomically-designed ultramicrofiber flat mop (read more below!) and make cleaning a breeze.

So without further ado, here are the ten key reasons we urge you with the utmost sincerity to consider "revolutionizing" how you clean your home ... we realize cleaning tools are not exactly a thrilling topic, but after considering the information in this article we hope you'll understand why its nonetheless a crucial one:

  1. Ultramicrofiber Cleaning is Superior in All Respects. The vertically woven ultramicrofibers offer more cleaning surface than any other product available: each cleaning cloth contains over 300 miles of actual cleaning surface! These microscopic fibers and the resulting absorbance capacity (capillary action) allow you to reach deep into the microscopic crevices and pores on all types of surfaces to capture 99.98% (according to independent studies) of soil, grease, hairs and all the harmful contaminants that can't be seen with the naked eye. As you'll read below, they are ergonomically designed and an exceptional value economically ... all of the PerfectClean ultramicrofiber products can be used over a hundred times with simple laundering to maximum effectiveness!

  2. Ultramicrofiber Mopping is the Most Effective Way to Clean. The ultramicrofiber construction enables its flat mops (and other tools like cloths and wipers) to reach deep into microscopic crevices and remove everything in their path ... that is because at an astonishing 3 microns, the ultramicrofibers are even smaller than most bacteria. And, unlike regular mops that simply push dirt around, bacteria and other contaminants cling to the ultramicrofiber and are not redistributed around your home. As noted above, because pollution inside homes is now an average of 2-5 times higher than outside - and growing - it is imperative to effectively remove dirt and dust and all the contaminants it contains, and ultramicrofiber cleaning is by far the most effective method to do so.

  3. Ultramicrofiber is Safer to Use. Ever notice that after mopping with a regular mop you almost always come away with a backache from all the wringing and bending, and maybe a headache from inhaling the cleaning solution? With ultramicrofiber flat mops, that will never be the case. They're made with an ergonomically designed handle meant to make the mop easy to use (and easy on your body), plus, they can be used dry or dampened only with water because their deep cleaning power is in the ultramicrofiber-chemical cleaners are not necessary! (If you choose to still use cleaning solutions with an ultramicrofiber mop, make sure you use considerably less than you would normally.)

  4. PerfectClean Ultramicrofiber Cleaning Tools:
    Now Available to the Public for the First Time Ever-
    Exclusive Availability Through!

    One of our hottest PerfectClean sellers ... the EasyGrip 16" Flat Mop System with Ergonomic Handle:

    • Revolutionary ergonomic handle is ideal for both mopping and dry dusting the floors, walls and ceilings throughout your home!

    • Hospitals & other commercial organizations trust the ultramicrofiber flat mop heads OVER 100 TIMES before replacing them, FAR more than any other mop you'll find ... so you will save money while getting a far deeper clean!

    • The EasyGrip telescopic handle you will receive extends from 32 inches up to 59 inches for both mopping and dusting in those high or hard to reach areas. Its commercial-grade construction will last many, many years, while it's ultra-lightweight-a mere 12 ounces-will make cleaning easy on you and a breeze!

    • The revolutionary ergonomic handle on this mop selection is THE TOP CHOICE of cleaning professionals in hospitals, schools, and other commercial organizations where highly effective cleaning and complete ease-of-use matters.

    • PerfectClean products are hypoallergenic, perfect for those with allergies!

    • PerfectClean products have finally become available to the consumer market through and this product is already on backorder!

    Read More About the PerfectClean Ergonomic Mop
    See All PerfectClean Products Now

  5. Families Prefer Ultramicrofiber for Efficiency, Safety and Effectiveness. These mops are quiet, fast and don't require that you use chemical cleaners. You CAN use cleaning agents if you prefer (we recommend you avoid those with toxins) but PerfectClean - because the "magic" is in the ultramicrofiber itself - cleans far more effectively than any product with simple water! In a typical American home, anything that makes cleaning faster, more efficient and less intrusive is a must. And, if you have toddlers crawling around on the floor, you can rest assured that they've been cleaned down to a microscopic level, and NOT with a toxic chemical cleaner.

  6. PerfectClean Ultramicrofiber Products are Designed for Ease of Use. PerfectClean products are designed to work with your body's best interest in mind. For instance, with their ergonomically designed handle and ultra-lightweight (though they are ultra-durable!), PerfectClean's ultramicrofiber flat mops are incredibly easy to use. That means that cleaning is done faster and with less wear and tear on your body. No more lugging around bulky wet mops and buckets of dirty water!

  7. Ultramicrofiber Will Save You Money. Hospitals and other commercial organizations use ultramicrofiber cloths over 100 times before discarding, with only simple laundering needed in between uses. You'll cut costs on cleaning solutions (remember that they're not necessary to use, and even if you do use them, you need considerably less), disposable mops or wipes, or replacing flimsy mop heads and sponges.

  8. Reduce the Hazards of Chemical Cleaners in Your Home. Many common household cleaners out there contain dangerous compounds, like phenols, that can cause toxicity throughout your entire body. This concern is amplified if you have pets or young children who crawl on the floor (and then put their hands in their mouths). With ultramicrofiber flat mops, there is no need to use any cleaner at all because the positively-charged ultramicrofibers attract dirt and other microscopic contaminants and don't let them go.

  9. Clean Floor

    Getting your floors "microscopically clean" with an ultramicrofiber mop is a smart move for your health, and it also will leave your floors looking far cleaner than with any other type of mop.

    Check Out the Specially Priced Mop & Duster Kit Now

  10. Cleaning with Ultramicrofiber is a Streamlined Process. With old mops, you'd have to first prepare your cleaning solution, then mop the floor while wringing out the mop often, and perhaps need to replace the water and cleaner in bucket multiple times before you've finished. Then the floor would likely need a second cleaning because the first go around didn't do the job. With an ultramicrofiber mop, you can eliminate all those steps: there's not even a cleaning solution to worry about unless you choose to add it, as PerfectClean ultramicrofiber tools can clean to a microscopic level with only water. Just one cleaning with a dry or damp flat ultramicrofiber mop is all it takes.

  11. Biological Hazards are Significantly Reduced. Since ultramicrofiber mop heads are meant to be thrown in the laundry after use, the hot water eliminates any existing contaminants. With regular mops, which are simply put out to dry after use, contaminants are never completely removed from the fabric - and, in fact, the moist environment makes them ideal "homes" for germs as noted above -- and they may get redistributed onto your floor the next time you clean.

  12. Clean to the Microscopic Level -- SAFEFLY
    PerfectClean Total HomePure Pack

    For those who won't settle for anything but the cleanest and healthiest home environment, the PerfectClean HomePure Pack is for you. PerfectClean products are hypoallergenic, perfect for those with allergies. And with their "ultramicrofiber" construction, they clean down to the microscopic level to rid your home of toxins that can't be seen with the naked eye! The HomePure Pack contains:

    • Two (2) All Purpose Terry Cloths
    • Two (2) Super Silk Cloths
    • Two (2) Scrub & Clean Reversible Gloves
    • One (1) Flexible Duster with (2) Duster Covers
    • One (1) EasyGrip 16" wide Flat Mop System w/Ergonomic Handle
    • Two (2) Flat Mop Heads

    The #1 Bestselling PerfectClean Total HomePure Pack Now Available at a Special Introductory Price -- Read More Now!
    See All 4 Pages of PerfectClean Products Now

  13. Ultramicrofiber Will Leave Your Home Looking and Smelling Cleaner. There's a misconception that you should be able to "smell" a clean home. What you are actually smelling in these cases are the toxins in chemical-based cleaning solutions being masked by fragrances - a truly clean home should have no such smell at all. Because ultramicrofibers clean down to the microscopic level due to their construction - not due to harsh chemicals -- you'll get that true clean home smell (meaning no smell at all) along with an aesthetically better appearance on every type of surface, including glass, plastics, ceramic, wood and more.

Interested in ultramicrofiber but not sure where to start? The Total HomePure Pack is the total cleaning kit for every room and every surface in your home! It's the ideal starter kit for those who won't settle for anything but the cleanest and healthiest home environment-with the safest, most effective tools preferred by hospitals, schools, fine hotels and now available for the first time to the public, PerfectClean!

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