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26 Simple & Smart Steps to Prevent Allergy Flare-Ups

With spring comes blooming flowers, greening trees, fresh-cut grass and -- for most of the 40 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies -- runny noses, watery eyes and scratchy throats. Meanwhile the rest of us who suffer from allergies year-round never even get a winter-break from our symptoms.

But whether it's seasonal allergens that bother you, or potential year-round allergens like mold, dust or even certain foods, following the simple steps below can help you keep those irritating to downright life-intrusive allergic reactions to a minimum.


If you're one of the 40 million Americans suffering from allergies this spring or any time of year, help is on the way with these 25 tips!

1. Wash bedding once a week in hot water--it will help get rid of dust mites and other allergy triggers.

2. Use dehumidifiers in basements and other damp areas of your home where mold could grow, and be sure to clean them once a week.

3. If possible, choose hardwood floors instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, which traps dirt and dust inside and contains synthetic fibers that can be allergenic themselves. If you must have carpeting, vacuum it often-at least twice a week.

4. Keep house dust to a minimum using the right tools. Common mops, brooms, rags and sponges are anything but the right tool, as they are some of the top harbingers for germs in the home and they tend to merely push dust around. The PerfectClean line of mops, dusters, towels and more, which are used by leading hospitals and other health care organizations, are ideal cleaning tools for anyone with allergies. Rather than just pushing dust and other contaminants around, PerfectClean's EasyGrip Mop and Flexible Duster are made with 100% safe positively-charged ultramicrofibers that pick up everything in their path-including dust and all of its microscopic attachments.

5. If you use a humidifier, make sure that you keep it clean. According to the CPSC, breathing in dirty mist from one can lead to lung problems ranging from flu-like symptoms to serious infection, and people with allergies or asthma are at an increased risk.


Dust in your home could be a major allergy trigger-keep it to a minimum by vacuuming twice a week and using high-quality mats at all entrance ways to keep dirt outside where it belongs.

6. Keep to a minimum, as mold can grow in the soil and be released into the air.

7. An astounding 85 percent of household "dirt" is carried into your house from the outside, so strategically placing high-quality mats in highly trafficked areas like entrances can dramatically reduce the amount of dirt and dust that's tracked into your home (and spread via your indoor air).

Again it is key to use the right type of mats - AVOID cotton, coir & other fibrous, and wood and metal mats, as they can increase versus help the problem. The Waterhog Grand Premier mats are our top-recommended choice for a "healthy" mat (that also looks great!). - after reading this article you are urged to read Doormats: The Most Unknown, Underrated but Crucial Health Tool for more insights on choosing the right mats for your entrances and exits.

8. Don't smoke inside your house (and don't let others do it).

9. When doing laundry, take wet clothes out of the washer as soon as the cycle ends. Mold will quickly grow among wet clothes sitting in a damp, closed space.

10. Filter your home's air-many allergic reactions are triggered by airborne particles.

11. Install an exhaust fan in your kitchen (over the stove) to eliminate cooking fumes, and if you already have one-use it!

12. Allergic to pollen? Keep the windows closed and turn on the air conditioning instead.

13. After you spend time outdoors, wash your clothing, hair and body to remove any pollen that may be clinging to you.

14. If you're allergic to grass pollen or mold, wear a mask when you cut the grass or rake the leaves. If possible, ask someone else to cut the grass, etc. for you.

15. Pollen counts reach their highest between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., so if possible, stay indoors during this time.

16. Limit walks in the woods or through gardens or parks containing flowers and trees.

17. When you stay in a hotel, always ask for a non-smoking room.

Flower are pretty to look at, but avoid walking in a field of them, or even through a garden or the woods, if allergies are a problem for you.

18. If you know you suffer from certain food allergies (such as wheat or peanuts), read all food labels especially carefully.

19. When you eat in a restaurant, stress to the waiter that you must avoid certain allergic foods.

20. Limit your use of common household chemical cleaners, as the fumes can trigger allergic attacks in some people (if you must use them, wear a mask while you do).

21. Use polyester-fill pillows and comforters instead of feather (or down), and cover them in allergy-reducing mite-proof covers. Says Dr. James R. Haltom of the Mississippi Allergy and Asthma Clinic, "The number one thing and the single most important thing an allergic person can do is to get the allergy-free covers for the mattress, box springs and pillows ... And don't be tempted to skip the box springs, because the mites infest all of the bedding."

22. Don't put wallpaper or carpet in the bathroom-mold can grow under them.

23. When you're in the car, keep the windows up and use the air conditioning.

24. Remove extra "stuff" from rooms that act as "dust collectors." (Things like stuffed animals, knick-knacks, picture frames and other collectibles.) "Generally, you want to unclutter the bedroom so that there are not a lot of things there to collect dust ... You want to have a more Spartan-looking or a streamlined room," according to Haltom.

Clean to the Microscopic Level -- SAFEFLY
PerfectClean Total HomePure Pack

For those who won't settle for anything but the cleanest and healthiest home environment, the PerfectClean HomePure Pack is for you. PerfectClean products are hypoallergenic, perfect for those with allergies. And with their "ultramicrofiber" construction, they clean down to the microscopic level to rid your home of toxins, allergens and other contaminants that can't be seen with the naked eye! The HomePure Pack contains:

  • Two (2) All Purpose Terry Cloths
  • Two (2) Super Silk Cloths
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  • One (1) Flexible Duster with (2) Duster Covers
  • One (1) EasyGrip 16" wide Flat Mop System w/Ergonomic Handle
  • Two (2) Flat Mop Heads

See All the PerfectClean Ultramicrofiber Cleaning Products & Learn More Now!

25. Store clothes and other items in closed containers, if possible, and don't store them under the bed.

26. Keep mice (and other rodents) out of your home! Multiple studies have shown that between 75-84% of all homes have detectable levels of mice allergens in them, which can provoke allergies and asthma symptoms and full-blown attacks. Here again keeping your home clean at a microscopic level with ultramicrofiber cleaning tools like is essential.: for more information we urge you to read That Little Mouse in Your House is Even MORE Dangerous Than We Thought , and check out the recommended reading below.

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