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The Top Seven Scents that Can Enhance Your Love Life

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, love is in the air and chances are you're looking for that perfect something for your loved one. This year why not indulge in something that your other half won't be able to resist-a scent that will enhance, and perhaps even set, the mood of the night.

Placing scented candles around your home is an easy way to add sensual smells and romantic light to your evening.

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We all know how certain scents immediately conjure up certain images in our heads. Fresh baked cookies or bread, the first spring rain, freshly cut grass-all of these scents bring sharp images and emotions to our minds. This works, too, when it comes to your love life. A perfect night, enveloped in a perfect scent, may forever conjure up fond memories in your mind whenever you sense that particular aroma.

The reason for this is that smell affects the areas of your brain that projects feelings and perceptions. Interestingly, just as almost everyone can relate to and appreciate the scents mentioned above-really, who doesn't like the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven?-certain scents overwhelmingly appeal to men and women when it comes to the romance department.

Scent is so important that Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell and Taste Research Foundation, says, "Your first impression is to a large degree based on smell. So we talk about love at first sight, we really should be talking about love at first sniff."

The ideal way to set up your romantic evening is with scented candles that will send subtle hints of your favorite smells throughout your entire home. And the top romantic scents are ...

Cinnamon. "The smell of baked cinnamon buns had a greater affect than all the perfumes," says Dr. Hirsch of one of his scent studies that involved 100 men. Pumpkin pie was also a big hit.

Vanilla. Though it may be the plainest flavor when it comes to ice cream, it seems neither men nor women can resist the smell of vanilla. It's soothing, comforting and oh-so-sweet, which may explain why vanilla is often the top-selling fragrance when it comes to bath care products and home fragrances.

Black Licorice Sweets. Women appear to love sweet scents when it comes to men. In Dr. Hirsch's study, women loved the smell of Good N' Plenty candy-the black licorice variety (and another sweet treat: banana nut bread).

Lavender. This, along with vanilla and baby powder, is one of the three most calming scents in the United States. It's great for relaxing, releasing muscle tension and having a soothing night.

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Ylang Ylang. This scent has long been used as an aphrodisiac because of its soothing, mood-lifting effects.

Oranges. An essential oil known as neroli, which is composed of orange blossom, is one of the oldest aphrodisiacs around. It has been used since Egyptian times for arousal and uplifting moods.

Jasmine. This floral and woody scent creates an old-fashioned romantic feeling that many women (and men) adore.

No matter what scent you choose, it's hard to resist the ambiance created by the warm scent of a glowing candle. Fragrance oils, body lotions and body sprays are other options, but none of those can offer the dim, romantic light that a few carefully placed candles can.

Try out a new scent this year, and see the difference for yourself. As Dr. Hirsch said, "Smell is a pure emotional sense.''

Candle Safety

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.

  • Always place candle on a heat resistant surface.
    In order to keep candles burning and looking great, keep them away from direct sunlight. This prevents discoloration and disfigurement.

  • Do not burn candles near a draft, such as a fan or vent. (Air currents cause the flame to burn the sides of the candle unevenly.)

  • Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4-inch to prevent uneven burning or dripping.

  • Remember to burn pillar candles long enough the first time so that the wax melts to the rim. This will ensure even burning every time you light your candle.

  • Pillar candles should be burned one hour for every inch of their diameter. As a candle burns down, fold the edges inward.

  • Never burn a candle on or near anything flammable.

  • Always use a proper candleholder.

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Aromatherapy: Making Scents

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