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Want to Stop Overpaying the Government Thousands of Dollars for Good?

We'll put it in the most straightforward terms possible: if you don't read Lower Your Taxes -- Big Time: Wealth-Building, Tax-Reduction Secrets from an IRS Insider as soon as possible in 2005, you will likely end up paying the government hundreds or even thousands of dollars in taxes that should have been yours to keep.

Written by a former IRS tax attorney and senior tax law specialist, Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq., Lower Your Taxes -- Big Time is one of the smartest under-twenty-dollar investments (in fact under $12 right now!) anyone could possibly make. The key is to read it as soon as possible in the New Year so you can start implementing the many tax-saving, money-making secrets the book exposes right away. In this case, it really is a matter of the longer you wait, the more you could lose...

The Tax-Saving Secrets of the Rich ... Now At Your Fingertips!
Unless you are a tax expert already, it is difficult to imagine anyone NOT saving some serious money on taxes with all the secrets this book reveals.

And in case you are wondering...

Most Americans Overpay
Extensively on Their Taxes. Learn
Every Legal and Legitimate Secret
to Save Hundreds to Thousands in
2005 on YOUR Taxes with this #1
Must-Read Book (available at an exceptional price now)!

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Every single tactic is fully legitimate, legal and ethical -- it is simply that these secrets are so buried in the massive and convoluted tax codes that, up until now, only the wealthy could afford to hire someone with Botkin's level of skills and expertise to unravel them.

On that note, if you think "my accountant already takes care of your taxes," you will likely be in for a major surprise -- just as most typical physicians don't know half of what you need to know to improve your health, most accountants, while adequate, are not familiar with many of these secrets. They are busy people, so it's not necessarily their fault, but if you know of any tax accountants make sure to recommend this book to them, too! They will learn, and you will learn, strategies such as:

A Sampling of the Secrets You Will Learn in "Lower Your Taxes -- Big Time!"

  • How to Deduct Nearly Every Meal You Eat Out

  • How to (Easily) Turn Your Vacations into Tax Deductible Write Offs

  • How to Deduct All of the Equipment in Your Home for Business -- Even If You Never Claim a Home Office Deduction!

  • How to Entertain Yourself & Others and Get Major Tax Savings for It!

  • Eliminate Up to 40% of Your Social Security and Medicaid Tax

  • The 8 Ways to Dramatically Reduce the Chances of Ever Getting Audited

  • How to Get Deductions for Feeding and Entertaining Your Spouse!

  • Why Hosting Parties Can be One of the Smartest Investments You Make

  • How to Double-Deduct All of the Equipment You Use in Your Business and Protect it All from Legal Judgments Forever

  • Why the RIGHT Home Office Deduction is a Gold-Mine that Alone Can Earn you $14,000 Every Five Years

  • How to Have Your Saturdays and Sundays Treated as Business Days by the IRS ... without You Working on Them!

  • How to Keep Expanding Your Education and Write It All Off

  • Why Hiring Your Spouse is One of the Smartest Moves You Could Make ... and You Don't Even Have to Work Closely With Them if You Don't Want!

  • How to Use the "Sale-Leaseback Technique" to Give Some Major Benefits to Your Children

  • How to Use TWO or More Cars in Your Business to Generate MUCH LARGER Tax Deductions

  • Understand ALL of Your Rights if You Ever are Audited, and How to Use Them Properly ... Including the Key 15 Steps You Should Take

And all of these above are just a sampling from Part 1 of Lower Your Taxes -- Big Time! There are a total of four parts to the book, all of them remarkably useful! (Part 3, "Every Fringe Benefit Available to Small and Home-Based Businesses," provides an extremely useful at-a-glance chart of tax savings that is worth copying, printing out, and reviewing routinely to save yourself major $$) recommends the insights in Lower Your Taxes -- Big Time! so highly that we are tempted to reprint all of the secrets for you right here ... but McGraw-Hill, the publisher, would of course not appreciate that.

So again, to start 2005, we cannot urge you strongly enough to read this remarkable book that really can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars! Of the many (many, many!) rave critical reviews for the book, we will close with one of the most succinct by Mark Victor Hansen, author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series:

"If you don't study money, how can you expect to have any? Lower Your Taxes -- Big Time! will put thousands of dollars in your pocket every year and teach you, in clear simple steps, how to audit proof you records from the IRS forever!"

Well put, and right on target!

Discover the Wealth Protecting
Secrets of the Rich that Most
People Never Know About -- from
a Former IRS Attorney!

Read More & Order Now.

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