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Your Office is a Top Source of Illness-Causing Germs to You!

There are even more illness-causing germs lingering in your office than in the toilet, suggests scientific research including a landmark study by leading microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona.

On your desk alone, for example, there's a whopping 400 times more bacteria than in the toilet!

"Without cleaning," Dr. Gerba warns, "a small area of your desk or phone can sustain millions of bacteria or viruses that could potentially cause illness."

Viruses, such as those that cause colds and flu, can survive on common office surfaces such as your keyboard, desk and doorknobs for up to 72 hours … so when others come into contact with anything in your office space and they have a cold or the flu, there is a strong chance those viruses will be passed on to you if you don't take proper measures to avoid it.

Meanwhile, even the smallest food and drink spills -- if not properly cleaned -- can become invisible eco-systems for germs that linger and can cause a variety of illnesses.

In fact, a study by Dr. Gerber found that the phone receiver was the most bacteria-infested surface, with 25,000 bacteria per square inch! The desktop followed with a close 21,000 per square inch.

Where Germs Linger
in Your Office

  • Your phone (#1 location)

  • Desktop (#2 location)

  • Door knobs

  • Chairs (where people touch)

  • Photocopier buttons

  • Fax buttons

  • Elevator buttons

  • Other areas where
    people touch

By comparison, toilet seats contained only 49 bacteria per square inch, which suggests that, if you want to avoid illness, you are much safer either doing your work on a toilet … or cleaning your office area properly.

Top Recommendation: PerfectClean OfficePure Pack
Studies have shown that common rags and sponges are highly laden with germs. If offices are routinely cleaned at all, most of the cleaning, whether professional or personally done, are currently performed using "germ infested rags" … so how in the world will you win the battle?

Keeping in mind that:

1)'s mission is to provide you with the best information and tools to help keep you and your family as safe, healthy and prosperous as possible.

2) It is our firm policy that we don't accept advertising of any sort, we are independently owned and operated, and so we are not swayed by such 'third-party influences' (unlike most other entities)

3) The recommendations we make are based on what experts say are the best solutions…

If you want to avoid the # 1 way people get sick with contagious illnesses (by touching germ-laden surfaces) -- and get things exceptionally clean while you are at it -- highly recommends the OfficePure Pack by PerfectClean.

Out With the Old, In With the Best: The PerfectClean Difference
  1. Cleans All the Way Down to the Microscopic Level: PerfectClean's UltraMicroFiber construction combined with a patented antimicrobial chemistry enables its wipers, towels, & flat mops to reach deep into microscopic crevices and remove everything in its path … that is because at an astonishing 3 microns, the ultramicrofibers are even smaller than most bacteria (each cleaning cloth contains over 300 miles of actual cleaning surface!)
  2. Reduces Exposure Danger to You & Your Children: PerfectClean products are completely safe, reducing or even eliminating the need for dangerous chemical cleaners (and eliminating sponges, rags, etc., which are major havens for germs!)
  3. Saves You a Lot of Money: You will be able to greatly reduce or eliminate the costs of both chemical cleaners and traditional towels, rags, wipes, sponges and more with PerfectClean, just as commercial hospitality and healthcare companies are doing! You can use PerfectClean towels and wipers dry or dampened only with water because their deep cleaning power is in the ultramicrofiber (some may choose to still use cleaning solutions with it. Though not necessary, if you do, make sure you use considerably less.) Hospitals and other organizations in the commercial industry use each PerfectClean cloth over one hundred times, simply washing them in the wash machine, and you can too! You will SAVE BIG by eliminating paper towels, germ-infested sponges and rags, chemical cleaners and more and using PerfectClean instead.
  4. Saves You Time (and Wear and Tear!): Because the PerfectClean focus is on the "tool" - the microscopic cleaning power of the wipes, towels, mop-heads and more, which bind what they pick up to the cloth and never let it go - you don't have to waste your time (and your physical energy) cleaning with numerous different types of cleaners for each type of surface.
  5. A Better, More Noticeable "Clean:" In addition to wiping away dangers to you, you'll quickly notice that PerfectClean products simply clean better (because they go down to the microscopic level). That means an aesthetically better appearance on every type of surface, including glass, plastics, ceramic, wood, and more.

The office - at work or home - is one of the most prevalent places that adults catch flues, colds, and other illnesses and serious due to the extreme high prevalence of germs. If you want to help protect your health, and that of your family and peers who use the same equipment (and if you also want the best clean from an aesthetic point of view too!) shouldn't you be using the same revolutionary cleaning tools that major commercial organizations are turning to?

Try the PerfectClean OfficePure Pack now.  Like all top-recommended products, it comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee (that begins on the day your order ships, not the day you order!) so try the PerfectClean OfficePure Pack today!

PerfectClean OfficePure Pack:


The PerfectClean OfficePure Pack -- ideal for home or work offices -- contains the following seven (7) cloths.

Hospitals and other commercial organizations use these cloths over 100 times before discarding, simply laundry washing them on occasion, and you can too … meaning the deepest clean AND incredible cost-savings for you!

Two (2) All-Purpose Terry-Cloths

  • Use these anywhere others touch: on your desktop, telephone, keyboard, door knobs & frames, chair-arms/back, mirror surfaces, file cabinets, other office furniture and other large surfaces. Can be used dry or lightly dampened.
  • Wipe frequently touched areas once per day, more frequently during flu season or anytime others visit your office and/or use your office equipment

Two (2) Super Silk Finesse Cloths

  • Use these on your monitor & other more sensitive surfaces. Can be used dry or lightly dampened.
  • Clean once per day or depending on need, more frequently during flu season or if others use your office equipment regularly

Three (3) 8"x 8" LENStronic Cloths

  • Use these smaller wipes on your cell phone, PDA, other smaller electronic items, CDs, DVDs and more. Recommended use is dry, but can be used lightly dampened.
  • Wipe down on occasion to daily, depending on frequency of use (e.g., cell phone frequently, CDs or calculator as needed)
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