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How to Save Your Back & Improve Your Family's Safety...With a Mop

How can a cleaning mop make a major difference in your health and wellbeing? You'll be surprised!

Not many of us pay attention to such things, but if you've recently been in a hospital, public school or a fine hotel, perhaps you've noticed that they are using a very different kind of system to clean their floors (and walls, and ceilings).

They're using these new mops - the first real revolution in mops for over 100 years! -- because in their industries cleanliness, sanitation from germs, and highly productive workers are absolutely critical for patient and customer safety, satisfaction, and of course revenue.

Getting your home clean at the deepest level to reduce the chance of illnesses to you and your family (and saving time, money and your back while you're at it) matters as much to you as it does to these large organizations, so you deserve to know about the new innovation in mops they're choosing - an innovation that is now, for the first time, available to you.

These mops are called the "PerfectClean high performance easy grip flat mop system" in the industry. But because that's more than a mouthful we'll simply refer to them as "PerfectClean mops."

The most important feature of PerfectClean mops is that their flat cleaning heads are made of ultramicrofibers that clean at far deeper levels than any typical mop or floor cleaning system you may be using.

From a visual perspective this means an incredible clean to your floors and other surfaces, but even more crucial as you will read below, it also means a far safer home environment to you and your family.

Yet another major benefit you'll quickly appreciate is the PerfectClean mop's innovative handle design … not only does it greatly reduce the amount of strain on your body, but it also actually makes the job a lot quicker and easier!

Six Wise Reasons You Should Be Using the PerfectClean Mop:

1. Ultramicrofiber Cleans Down to the Microscopic Level, Meaning a Far Safer Home Environment:  The PerfectClean easy grip flat mop system comes in a variety of sizes to meet your every need. These easy grip flat mops contain a very high volume of microscopic fiber that each measure only 3 microns -- which is smaller than many bacteria -- and hold up to eight times their weight in water. This means they are capable of removing virtually everything from a surface including biological contaminants.

In addition to being an ideal mop when used damp, the PerfectClean easy grip flat mop is the perfect duster when used dry. Due to its naturally positive electrostatic charge, the mop easily picks up negatively charged contaminants such as dust, dirt and hair. So, unlike other types of dust mops that only spread particles around the room, the PerfectClean easy grip flat mop picks up everything and holds onto it all for good.

Simply put, the difference in the "clean" you'll get from the ultramicrofiber mop versus any other mop will amaze, but even more important, it can lead to a much safer home environment.

Finally, PerfectClean mops, unlike the typical sponges, rags and chemical-based cleaners it can replace, is 100% safe to you, your children and your pets!

2. No More Pain in the Back, Neck and Other Muscles with PerfectClean's Advanced Super-Light Easy Grip Ergonomic Handles:
Ever get that pain in your lower back from cleaning with traditional mops? It's even worse if you use a cotton loop mop where you are constantly forced to bend over to wring it into a bucket. Plus, every time you dip those cotton mops back into the bucket, you're dipping your mop into the dirt and grime you just cleaned from your floor and spreading it right back around again!

That's all changing now…

PerfectClean's "easy grip handles" come in a truly revolutionary ergonomic design that adjusts comfortably to fit your body. This makes damp-mopping (or dusting) your floors, walls and ceilings a remarkably simple and stress-free process. You'll quickly see why they call it "Power Steering for the Mop™"

The PerfectClean system is designed to greatly reduce bending, reaching, lifting, wringing and handgrip strain, and for that feature alone those in the cleaning industry are championing them. In fact, they can help large organizations comply with the proposed new OSHA Ergonomic Standards, which for you basically means these mops are as comfortable as cleaning gets!

3. You'll Save Money Because the PerfectClean Flat Mop System Lasts Considerably Longer Than Other Cleaning Products: In fact, they are a smart shopper's dream. While the easy grip flat mops cost slightly more than the traditional types of mops, they can last up to 10 times as long, eliminating the need to replace it every few months like you do with other mops! You will see that you will use MUCH LESS cleaner, saving MUCH MORE money!

4. You Will Save Time … and Lots of It:  PerfectClean's easy grip flat mop is a remarkably effective duster when used dry, and it is remarkably effective cleaner when used damp.

You only need to use your PerfectClean mop along with water to clean, as you'll be getting the remarkably deep and thorough clean described above! You still can use chemical-based cleaners with your PerfectClean mops should you choose, but even then you will find you use much less of them.

(Note: It is recommended to use water and water ONLY when using PerfectClean mops to clean hardwood floors, stainless steel, televisions, windows, mirrors and any other glass surface.)

Whether you're using just water or a water/cleaner solution when damp-mopping with PerfectClean, you will notice you use a significantly small amount of water. This results in less painful stooping and less trips back and forth to dump and refill your bucket -- but a much better clean!

Just as important, because of the extremely lightweight and ergonomic design, you'll have a much easier and faster time cleaning your floors (and walls, etc.).

5. You Will Greatly Reduce the Dangers of Chemical Cleaners with this Revolutionary Mop … and the Danger of Slipping: The microscopic deep-cleaning power of the easy grip flat mop is in the ultramicrofiber design, which picks up virtually everything it touches and won't let it go.

As you've already learned, water is all you need when cleaning with PerfectClean High Performance cleaning products. Aside from significantly cutting the amount of time you will spend cleaning, by NOT using chemicals you will reduce household dangers. Understand that what smells clean is most likely toxic. In fact, the true "smell" of clean is odorless. Thus, the need for adding chemical cleaners to your water can be greatly reduced or even eliminated!

And because they hold up to eight times their volume in water, the PerfectClean easy grip flat mops won't drip and merely leaves floors damp (versus soaking wet like traditional mops). This means floors dry conveniently quicker, reducing the chances of slipping.

6. PerfectClean's Easy Grip Flat Mop System is Environmentally Friendly: You'll be making the most important environment - your home - safer for you and your family. Since PerfectClean drastically reduces the need for cleaning solutions and toxic residues (shown to impact children & pets), uses considerably less water and lasts a lot longer than cotton or sponge mops, you'll also be doing the earth's environment a huge favor.

Say I Love You … With a New PerfectClean Easy Grip Flat Mop System

So when it comes to protecting the environment within your home, a simple switch to these new industry-standard products can make a major difference to you and your family's well being. PerfectClean High Performance cleaning products will not only reduce the pain and risks of "old world mopping," but they will save you valuable time and money.

And, although the easy grip flat mop is not as gorgeous as a diamond ring (those who clean for a living might beg to differ), it truly makes a great gift. With its outstanding benefits, anyone from your parents, to your friends, to your children will gladly make PerfectClean a permanent part of their life.

Therefore, the PerfectClean easy grip flat mop system gets's highest product recommendation. Though it was previously only available to the commercial industry, we are now proud to offer it to you … click below for sizes and pricing now!

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