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The Power of the Dream


How important are dreams? They may very well be the key to achieving all your goals, all your aspirations and more happiness than you ever imagined!

For more tips on how to achieve whatever it is you truly want, read The Life You Live Vs. the Life You Want to Live: How to Finally Achieve What You Really Want.

Remember, a positive attitude trumps just about everything when it comes to success and happiness, and this is a state of mind that you can choose.

In other words, YOU control how you view a situation and whether you perceive it negatively or positively. So if negative thoughts enter your mind, do not give them any attention, simply bring your mind back to the positive and embrace your life as it is today.

Sometimes it takes a bit of push to get your mind and body to really calm down and stay present and positive. With the Pure Relaxation CD, you’ll be able to relax, instantly, and return to the power of the dream!

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Dreams that occur while you’re sleeping are important too! When you reach the dream state, your brain goes through a process of reviewing the course of the day’s events and then extracting any negative feelings from your memory bank.

On the contrary, if you’re unable to reach the REM stage of sleep when the most vivid dreams take place, you’re not able to let go of these negative emotions and instead remain in a perpetual state of anxiety.

The Sleep Easy CD will help you reach the REM stage of sleep and train your body to fall asleep faster and wake up less throughout the night.

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