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When is Deadly Reality TV "Dead Wrong"?
Plus Time Optimization by Truly Having Fun!


The video above is obviously a parody … but how far from reality is it really? At what point will producers and the public get their fill of death-defying shows? Are there similarities in the growing popularity of risky reality shows to the morbid fascination of the ancient Roman coliseum fights to the death between gladiators?

Are we waiting for that ultimate death live on TV before a death shown on TV reverses this trend?

Or will even a reality TV death be excused as an "accident" defined as an unexpected unintentional event?

There has been a little acknowledged death act on a reality show already!

WARNING this IS beyond adult violence rated. Extreme violence. Not for children or most adults.

Showing this is meant ONLY to satisfy the extreme reality show viewers, to realize the need to cease further death-defying acts. All involved are otherwise participating and enabling criminal acts for entertainment sensationalism no different than the Roman times of feeding Christians to the lions for spectacle and profit purposes.
Now to boot comes a movie targeted at teenagers, appropriately named "Jackass":

Intentionally placing one's life in harms way to the thrill of teens, to the horror and concern for their parents and loved ones …
Already a teen attempted lighting himself on fire trying to create a Youtube video imitation of this movie.
If you have children or grandchildren or family that could be in any way influenced by these reality shows, we recommend a heart-to-heart talk explaining the harsh realities of going too far -- be it pranks, for popularity or silly stunts that could easily result in permanent injuries or death.
Important Message Rewind...

Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management "Time is the only commodity that really matters"

These are lessons shared from someone who was fighting to live ... inspiring "how to have fun" versus sensationalizing -- how to maximize fun, getting more out of your life with others … how to optimize your focus, what you do and plan to do, and assuring you’re doing the "right things" versus doing things right.
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