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“Rising Tide of Antibiotics Resistance” Coming to and From Our Oceans


Admittedly over a year ago we were all highly focused on the Swine Flu, and many people missed other scientific research studies -- including this interview below -- that we consider to be another WARNING on Antibiotics affecting and even potentially killing ocean life.

Natural chemicals from some marine species may someday provide new hope for making bacteria more vulnerable to existing antibiotics ... but might that be too late?

Dr. Peter Moeller, a marine laboratory research chemist in Charleston, S.C., stated at a news briefing and AAAS Annual Meeting symposium that antibiotics seeping into marine environments might be the cause of the “already 80% of ocean coral in the Caribbean, which are dead or dying.” Coral reefs -- which have served as the nucleus for nature’s marine life -- nearly already dead? Might this be a clue of what's to come for humanity if we don’t soon change our course of antibiotic use?

He believes that antibiotics affect marine life in the same way it affects humans, as it creates a lack of natural resistance and new “antibiotic-resistant bacteria” that may result in some marine life dying off.

“What are the Implications for Human Health?”

 As Dr. Moeller stated “the human body tries to heal itself the moment you have a wound. So if let’s say you go into a marine environment and you come into contact with one of these antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

If they get access to your system [i.e. through even the slightest open wound] and you’re immunocompromised … you could be in serious trouble because if it’s not diagnosed quickly [and properly] some of these bacteria can become almost lethal within days. Treatments are becoming harder and harder to find because they [antibiotic-resistant bacteria] are resistant.”

Might many if not most cases of antibiotics be opportunities to consider probiotics?

SixWise Ways!
SixWise Says ...

We all have some level of accountability.

As a part of a highly self-focused society, humans and drug companies alike must soon begin to realize they are responsible for their actions and that their actions based on convenience, fear or profit must someday change or nature itself will turn on each whom inherit the results of their predecessor’s actions.

Dr. Oz and other doctors have stated that only about 1% to 5% of all prescribed antibiotics are necessary or needed. Inappropriately taking antibiotics is a risk to all.

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