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7 Tips for Calming Your Hyper Kitty -- Especially at Night!


More than 38 million U.S. households are home to one or more cats, and we’re willing to bet that virtually every one of those households has had the distinctive pleasure of being woken at 3 a.m. by an overly active kitty.

In all fairness, you can’t blame the cat.

Pet cats as we know them today are ancestors of the African wildcat, which is a primarily nocturnal animal. Now that cats live among us, they’ve done a fairly decent job at learning to accommodate our human tendency to stay awake during the day and sleep at night.

Still, cats sleep up to 18 hours a day. So while the sight of your kitty napping peacefully in the afternoon sun may warm your heart, you can bet that come sundown he’ll have some extra energy to burn off.

And therein lies the problem.

A Healthy Kitty
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All you need to do is add the love!

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What to do if Your Cat Wakes You Up at Night

While you’re trying to get some shut-eye, your cat may go to great lengths to get your attention. As in the video above, cats can be very resourceful to get their way, and if she wants to play she likely won’t back down easily.

So what’s a responsible cat owner to do?

Outsmart your cat with the tips that follow.

  1. Keep your cat active during the day. A cat that sleeps all day will be active at night, guaranteed. So as much as possible, try to engage your cat in daytime play sessions using toys he can’t resist.

Most cats enjoy catnip-filled toys, such as Nigel the Octopus or mouse toys like the 100% natural Wooley Bully. But be sure to provide a wide variety of options.

For instance, some cats adore chasing the beam from a flashlight or laser pointer. Cats will wear themselves out trying to “catch” the light, and highly recommends the Ba-Da-Beam Hands-Free Rotating Laser Chaser from for all cat owners.

The best part about the Ba-Da-Beam is that it works automatically, giving your cat a workout while you make dinner or relax. It’s also extremely enticing for kitties, as it stimulates their natural desire to chase prey.

And remember, sometimes the simplest items, like a brown paper bag or cardboard box, are incredibly alluring for cats. Try sprinkling some organic catnip on either of these items and let the fun begin!

  1. Feed your cat right before you go to bed. This will reduce the chances that your cat will wake you up later for food. Cats also tend to sleep after they’ve eaten a satisfying meal.
  1. Have a solution for thunderstorms and other stressful kitty situations. Fireworks, thunder, hail, heavy rain and many other loud noises can make your cat anxious and unable to settle down during the night. For times like these, try Cat Nap, a natural calming mist with lavender and chamomile hydrosals that can soothe and quiet even the most agitated feline. It’s ideal for trips to the vet, thunderstorms, travel, moving or any time your cat is anxious.

A dripping faucet is a great source of amusement for many cats.

  1. Give your cat outlets for play when you’re not home. If you work during the day, your cat needs stimulation to stay awake and alert. Provide puzzle toys that encourage cats to investigate various holes or fine hidden treats, and put perches up near windows so your cat can watch the birds and activity outside. Even better, install a bird or squirrel feeder near the window to ensure plenty of activity.

An aquarium filled with fish is also a simple way to provide your kitty with hours of stimulation. You can even try specially made “cat videos,” available at most pet stores, that feature footage of birds and rodents. These videos keep some cats entertained for hours.

  1. Take your cat for a walk. Special cat harnesses are available that allow you to safely take your kitty for a stroll in your neighborhood or a romp around the backyard. This is a great way to not only keep your cat active during the day, but also to help prevent obesity.

Remember to never leave your cat unattended in a harness or on a leash, as she can become tangled or get hurt if another animal approaches.

  1. Don’t reward your cat’s bad behavior. If your cat pesters you during the night, the worst thing to do is give in to him. As soon as you get up to play with or feed your cat, it reinforces the behavior and teaches your cat to do it again the next night. Keep in mind that even yelling at your cat will be perceived as attention and will encourage your cat to continue.
  1. Banish your kitty from the bedroom. If you’ve tried all of the above and your cat still refuses to let you sleep through the night, it may be time to kick him out of your bedroom. Some cats will persist still and attempt to scratch at your door or meow loudly. If this happens, put double-sided sticky tape, aluminum foil or another material your cat won’t want to step on outside of your bedroom door.

You can also position your vacuum cleaner outside your bedroom door and use a remote control on/off switch (available at electronic stores) to turn it on when your cat comes near the door. This will startle your kitty and probably discourage him from coming back to your door again.

The tips above should help you to live in harmony with your nocturnal kitty, allowing him to stay stimulated and free from boredom both day and night, and you to get the uninterrupted sleep you need. If, however, your cat becomes unusually restless or vocal during the night, it could be a sign of pain or an underlying medical problem. In this case, take your cat to your veterinarian right away.

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