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Dr. Oz Asked: "Are You Allergic To Your Home?"


The above family's home has what nearly every home has in the air that causes allergies and reoccurring illnesses: dust plus dust mites, dog dander, mold, also what Dr. Oz didn't mention, which is if you live near a road with any extent of high traffic your likelihood for recirculating nanoparticles is a very high concern.

Learn many more details if you have any concerns by reading the following articles that reveal what is as bad or worse for most people that was NOT shared or discussed on the Dr. Oz show above:

Are TCP Toxins in Your Air: At Home (noted above), in your Car, or in Planes recirculated air?
In the below videos, shockingly In-Flight Deadly Toxic Air is called: "a nuisance"? 

Not so dissimilar to a BP Executive similar comments recently following death on the BP Oil Rig, we would suggest that you and your loved ones’ health and possible death due to inappropriate or lack of actions that lead to or cause illnesses or deaths are more than just "a nuisance" or a top exec’s inconvenience?

Aerotoxic Syndrome

Airlines: Toxins in aircrafts?

Seems the toxic air issues are across all plane’s cabin air being contaminated in US, Australia, Germany, England, and Europe. 
Airline passengers try to find answers after falling ill

Obligations to Report Toxic Air Problems Disregarded?

Said Toxicologist who has been studying TCPs related to Airplane symptoms are so terrifying everyone should make every effort to avoid being affected by it.
Unfiltered Breathed Air in Planes

Air Travel Can Damage Your Health MASSIVE COVER UP !

"A Nuisance" for a Corporate Executive of a multi-billion dollar company like your or someone else’s death could be more meaningful to you and others...
KSLA news confirms Chemtrails Toxins

Chem-trails on the Discovery Channel

NBC news: Chemtrails over California

What Can You do to Minimize Your Air Pollution Risks?

If you live in an area with heavy air pollution, the best way to reduce your risk is to relocate to a location with cleaner air. Of course, this isn’t practical for most people so the next best alternative is to minimize your exposure to toxic air pollutants as much as possible. To do this:

  • Purify your indoor air. The PIONAIR Air Treatment System, which highly recommends, uses photocatalysis, which is designed to oxidize organic odors, germs, and fungi. The PIONAIR technology creates ultraviolet light rays, safe levels of ozone, and passive negative ions as part of your air treatment. This is not just any old air filter -- it is an air purifier that duplicates Nature's own methods of air cleaning and revitalization.

Also, you can purify the air in your car during your commute with a personal air purifier. The Car Ionizer uses negative ions to eliminate pollutants and allergens from the air in your car. There are no filters to be changed and it can be recharged over and over by plugging it into your car adapter.

  • When pollution is heavy, be sure to drink plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic) to keep your respiratory tract moist.
  • Avoid high levels of smog and pollution. These are typically highest during the midday and afternoon. If you're in a high-risk group, don't go outside when ozone levels are high.
  • Exercise when the air is cleaner. When you exercise (or work strenuously), you draw air more deeply into your lungs, and therefore risk more damage from air pollution. To protect yourself and get the numerous health benefits of exercise, avoid exercising near congested streets and during rush-hour traffic, and definitely if there's a wildfire burning in your area.
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A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths of inconvenience is an unimaginable statistic.



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