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8 Helpful Tips for Swallowing Pills!


With nearly 50% of the U.S. population taking pills daily, millions of people struggle each day, gagging as they try to swallow their pills. As recently reported by, here are eight suggestions on getting pills down easier:

  1. Sip a little water first. This really can help when your mouth is dry, just drink some water before putting a pill in your mouth. Then take a few additional gulps with the pill before you swallow.

  2. Place your pill at center of your tongue. If you gag easily, try putting the pill on the tip of your tongue instead of further back in your mouth. For oval pills, point it length-wise toward your throat so you do not swallow it sideways.

  3. Never throw your head back when swallowing. Tilt your head forward with your chin toward your chest. This leaning forward motion should help move the pill to the back while opening up your throat.

  4. Try using a straw. Suction created by a straw can sometimes help a pill go down your throat more easily.

  5. Try taking it with carbonated water. Although regular water is generally the most effective, some people do better washing down pills with a carbonated beverage.

  6. If you can take your pill with food, try swallowing it with food. Most supplements and drugs are best NOT taken on an empty stomach, with a few exceptions of drugs that don't interact well with certain foods -- check with your doctor. If you can take the pill with food, chew up a bite of food and then place the pill in your mouth right before you swallow.

  7. Try a relaxation technique. Taking several slow deep breaths just before taking your pill may help suppress the gag reflex. You also might want to try listening to a relaxation sound track before and during swallowing. Also, in advance of swallowing picture yourself swallowing it with no problem.

  8. Check before you crush or chew. Some drugs are timed-released so getting a full dose might be harmful to you. Ask your doctor!

SixWise Ways!
SixWise Says ...

Hospitals are a place where they wake you up to give you a sleeping pill.

Reported side effects of Viagra are headaches and becoming hard-of-hearing. For many men who take a pill, their wives complain shortly thereafter about a headache while their husbands seem to have selectively not heard her complain about a thing.

Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

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Sources April 6, 2010

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