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Combating "Toxic Stuff " Syndrome #1... Bottled Water


Cleveland has been getting a bad wrap from more than just egocentric basketball players … they were unfairly targeted by Fiji water as having unhealthy water. In reality, expensive bottled Fiji water was NOT superior to Cleveland’s tap water …
There is a cancer that the majority of our US population is suffering from resulting from "Toxic Stuff " Syndrome. Bottled water is one example of bad wasteful "toxic stuff" you can stop wasting your money on starting today. You can be healthier and do something beneficial for the environment ... yes, right now! 

Bottled Water Less Regulated Than Tap

While tap water is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), bottled water, which is considered a food, is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, two new reports, one from the Government Accountability Office and the other from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), have shown just how little is actually known about what’s in bottled water.

According to GAO, FDA safety and consumer protections for bottled water are often less stringent than those used by the EPA for tap water. For example, if you want to know what’s coming out of your tap, contact your local water utility. By law they’re required to let you know the source of the water along with any chemical pollutants it may contain.

This is not to say that tap water is always pure. On the contrary, tap water often contains toxins ranging from pharmaceuticals to cancer-causing radon. But if you want to find out for sure, the point is it’s easy to get a breakdown of what’s in your local water supply.

If, on the other hand, you pick up a bottle of water from your grocery store, you probably will have a slim chance of knowing what’s actually in that bottle.

Even bottled water that is regulated may still be contaminated. A two-year study by EWG analyzed 10 popular brands of water. They found 38 chemical pollutants, with an average of eight contaminants in each brand. Further, more than one-third of the chemicals found are not regulated in bottled water. What types of pollutants did they find?

  • Heavy metals and minerals including arsenic and radioactive isotopes

  • Fertilizer residue (nitrate and ammonia)

  • A broad range of other, tentatively identified industrial chemicals used as solvents, plasticizers, viscosity decreasing agents, and propellants

Further, bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical widely used to manufacture plastic water bottles, is capable of leaching from the plastic into the water you drink -- and has been strongly linked to diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and diabetes, and to reproductive and neurological development damage.

A Better Solution for You, for the Environment

Rather than further contributing to this silent overwhelming disease of toxic stuff, a growing number of people are re-learning and replacing addictive behaviors such as buying products like bottled water. Replacing what has truly proven to be harmful is important in the Wellness War -- the war to stay well.

Replacing bottled water with FREE tap water is health wise and wealth wise.

SixWise recommends you consider a BPA-free stainless steel water bottle or one made of glass, covered in a protective glove to keep it from breaking. An even better option, which actually purifies your water on the go, is the Wellness H2.0.

The Wellness H2.0 combines the convenience of bottled water without the waste and with superior water quality; it is the next generation of water!

The guiding principle behind the Wellness H2.O is that water should be free ... free from harmful contaminants, free from BPA-containing plastic bottles, and free from the tap.

The Wellness H2.O is a personal, reusable BPA-free water bottle that features a unique filtration system that not only purifies ordinary tap water, but also enhances the water for better absorption and hydration. With this special filtration process you'll have access to high quality water wherever you go.

Over the life of a single Wellness H2.O water bottle you will not only significantly reduce your exposure to BPA compared with drinking from regular plastic bottles, but you will also eliminate the need for over 1,100 plastic bottles and all of the monetary and environmental costs associated with collecting, bottling, warehousing, transporting and retailing of water that is already available from any tap around the globe.

This is the only bottle on the market to produce nourishing, better-than-bottled-quality, "enhanced" water without the cost or waste associated with bottled water -- yet with the convenience of bottled water that so many love. With the Wellness H2.0, you can have superior quality water no matter where you are, just fill up and go!
Watch for the coming Newsletter series including other "Toxic Stuff," which replacement and elimination will allow you to live a happier, longer, healthier life with more time, friends, family and loved ones.

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