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Who's Replacing Oprah:
Dr Oz? Ellen? Harpo “Try-Outs”?
Who Truly Does Care and
Why is This So Important to So Many People?


Are you one of the 40,000,000 Oprah followers? Or are you one who does not care that The Oprah Winfrey Show is going off the air in 2011?
Well, nearly 40,000,000 loyal viewers and Big Advertisers do care! Politicians, new product manufacturers and book marketers -- who stand to lose mega money without Oprah's "overnight success effect" that so many to which have become addicted – do care!

Oprah's "Harpo" empire is a well-run and well-oiled machine. So who is taking over for Oprah?

Dr. Oz says “you will.” Really? Oh sure, right along with Oprah's 40,000,000 other loyal viewers.   

Oz: Awkward to Consider Replacing Oprah also recently shared some suggestions for who might make a suitable replacement for Oprah. At the top of their list? Ellen Degeneres and Whoopi Goldberg. 

Oprah on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Interestingly, prior to Oprah announcing her retirement, Ellen told David Letterman that Oprah should quit TV so that Ellen could fill her time slot!

"Oprah Should Quit TV"

What's not clear... who, where, and when will HARPO’s new Oprah emerge?  

What is clear ... the HARPO mega-billion-dollar business is NOT closing down their contractual relationships with Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, Dr. Phil, etc. There are undoubtedly plans for growing and building an even larger enterprise. 

Insiders: The first to know the plans, other than Oprah's friend Gale and a few select HARPO executive staff members, will be the individual they select or possibly have already selected to replace Oprah. Tryouts? Possibly, as Oprah has done exactly that with testing and developing Dr. Oz, Dr Phil and Rachael Ray.

The ultimate American Idol Contest. They have done this revolving door test approach at “The View.”

Or will they put all bets on a sure thing… like Ellen Degeneres?

You an be assured that this will scale up to keep advertisers happy and assured offering them the inside track near the time of the announcement to assure confidence of a smooth transfer of the market value to the new brand positioning replacement. Plus they want you to stay engaged ... to keep as much market as possible.

You can be assured that all is and has been well in the works behind the scenes ... and under top-secret lock and key.

We are confident that the HARPO brand will bring forth surprising celebs to fill the Oprah gap.    

We at SixWise also predict that Oprah will return from retirement once she gets tired of being retired. We suspect she will come back because she personally misses the lights, cameras and addictive adrenalin-pumping pace of her past 25 years -- not for the money -- and not right away.

Her comeback will likely be a new venue via her own network in a program similar to Barbra Walters with The View, Jay Leno (only with more control), Brett Farve and many wealthy successful Baby-Boomers have made amzing comebacks after retiring. It’s become expected. The difference being, of course, that Oprah will have much more control and massive amounts of, increasing, personal wealth.

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