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Do We Really Need Another Shot In the Arm?
New H1N1 Shot plus MORE Childhood Vaccines Scheduled?
US Gov. H1N1 Vaccine Ads and Continued US Push Update!


The U.S. childhood vaccine schedule has been updated and the revised schedule issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

The childhood vaccine schedule has been revised … make sure you’re aware of these three very important changes that could influence your child’s health.

There are several changes to the schedule that parents of children aged newborn to 18 should be aware of, as they could affect your child.

H1N1 Shot Now Formally Recommended

U.S. children older than 6 months are now advised to receive the H1N1 flu shot to protect against swine flu. This may raise some red flags for two reasons:

  1. Harvard researcher Marc Lipsitch, DPhil, and colleagues from the U.K. Medical Research Council and the CDC have said new research revealed that the H1N1 swine flu pandemic will end up no more severe than the average flu season.

    Originally it was said that “millions” could die.

    This “false pandemic,” as many have called it, proved to be mild in most cases, with patients recovering on their own with no medical attention necessary most of the time.

  2. The swine flu vaccine was only tested on a few thousand healthy people for a few weeks. So no one can say whether or not the vaccine is safe because it has not been thoroughly tested.

There is little or no safety data on how the vaccine reacts in pregnant women and chronically ill or disabled children. There is also very little information about whether the swine flu shot will keep you from getting swine flu. The data just isn’t there.

What is known is that injectable flu shots in multi-dose vials contain the mercury preservative thimerosal, which has been linked to autism, behavioral, and learning disorders in children. And already, anecdotal reports of miscarriages and deaths have been reported after receiving the H1N1 vaccine.

There is also the glaring example of what happened in 1976, when a similar U.S. government swine flu vaccination drive was underway. During that time, many (over 40 million people) did decide to get vaccinated, despite the fact that the swine flu epidemic never materialized (again echoing what appears to be happening today).

Of those who decided to get the swine flu vaccine in 1976, several hundred people developed Guillain-Barre syndrome, a condition that causes weakness and sometimes permanent paralysis. At least 30 people also died … not from the swine flu, but from the vaccine.

HPV Vaccine Now Advised for Girls … and Boys!

Boys 9 and older are now candidates to receive the HPV vaccine, for the sole purpose of preventing sexually transmitted genital warts.

An HPV vaccine that protects against two strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) that are associated with more than 70 percent of cervical cancer cases is now part of the vaccine schedule for girls.

Since HPV infections are extremely common -- some estimate that three-quarters of U.S. women will be exposed to HPV during their lifetime -- the premise is that the vaccine, known as Gardasil, will significantly cut back on the 10,000 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed in the United States each year.

However, aside from some parents' fears that the vaccine would encourage their children to have sex, there are other concerns surrounding Gardasil.

On the forefront of many opponents' arguments is its necessity. While HPV is common, most infections occur without any symptoms and go away on their own within a few years, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Meanwhile, of the more than 100 HPV viruses (around 30 of which can be transmitted sexually), Gardasil protects against just four, and the newer HPV2 vaccine protects against only two. So it is possible to get cervical cancer even if you've been vaccinated.

And even among the "high-risk" types of HPV that Gardasil prevents, NCI says, "It is important to note, however, that the great majority of high-risk HPV infections go away on their own and do not cause cancer."

There is also a question of safety. As of Jaunary 2010, more than 17,000 Gardasil-related adverse reactions have been reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Reportedly, 59 deaths and other adverse reactions, including Bells Palsy, Guillan-Barre syndrome, seizures, blood clotting, heart problems, and even miscarriages and fetal abnormalities among pregnant women, have occurred in those who received the vaccine.

Now U.S. public health agencies have expanded Gardasil’s “target audience” to include boys as well. The new vaccine schedule states its is permissible for doctors to recommend Gardasil for boys ages 9 and older in order to reduce the risk of male genital warts.

For now, the choice of whether to get vaccinated with Gardasil is a voluntary one that every parent and young woman and man needs to make on their own.

For those who decide to forgo the vaccine, NCI states that the surest way to eliminate your risk of HPV infection is to either refrain from sexual activity or, if you are sexually active, to maintain a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner.

Combination Vaccines Now Encouraged

The revised schedule also includes new language that states combination vaccines are generally preferred over separate injections. However, some experts have raised concern that excessive vaccination, including injecting children with multiple shots at one time, and in one dose, could trigger neurological and immune system disorders in children.

For instance, Russell Blaylock, M.D., asks:

“In 1976, children received 10 vaccines before attending school. Today they will receive over 36 injections. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control assured parents that it was safe to not only give these vaccines, but that they could be given at one time with complete safety.

Is this true? Or are we being lied to on a grand scale?”

He points out at least one case in which a combination vaccine was shown to cause more severe side effects than giving the vaccine separately:

“Recently, information was released that the combination vaccine by Merck, ProQuid, resulted in twice as many seizures as giving the vaccines separately. 

This vaccine contains the MMR antigens as well as chickenpox viral antigen (in a dose 5x that of the single vaccine). The study was conducted by comparing 43,000 kids getting the ProQuid vaccine versus those getting the shots separately.”

Likewise, Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD, also recommends vaccines be given separately, rather than in combination form. He states:

“The brain has its own specialized immune system, separate from that of the rest of the body. When a person is vaccinated, its specialized immune cells, the microglia, become activated (the blood-brain barrier notwithstanding). Multiple vaccinations spaced close together over-stimulate the microglia, causing them to release a variety of toxic elements -- cytokines, chemokines, excitotoxins, proteases, complement, free radicals -- that damage brain cells and their synaptic connections. Researchers call the damage caused by these toxic substances "bystander injury."”

As for the reasoning given for the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices advised recommendation for combination vaccine, the general recommendations say considerations should include provider assessment, patient preference and potential for adverse events.

In determining whether to give your child a combination vaccine, ACIP suggests your doctor consider vaccine availability, the likelihood of improved coverage and patient return, the number of injections and storage and cost consideration (mostly items that seem to be more about your doctor, rather than your child).

How to Stay Healthy (and Minimize Vaccine Risks)

Keep reading for simple tips to keep your family well, naturally.

The vast majority of Americans have received all of the CDC’s recommended vaccines (along with their toxic additives).

So what can you do to protect your health from these potentially toxic assaults?

Donna Gates, internationally renowned nutritional consultant, author and lecturer, points out that, fortunately for us, our bodies are remarkably intelligent and quite capable of keeping us healthy if we give them the right "tools." The key to fighting off illness within your body (this includes not only bacterial infections but also viruses too) is to balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut.

Probiotic supplements have recently become increasingly popular in the United States for this reason, but there's another way to get good bacteria in your system -- and it's quite tasty! Cultured foods, things like kefir (a fermented milk drink that tastes like tart yogurt) and traditionally fermented sauerkraut, natto and other vegetables are among the best sources of probiotics around.

So whichever method you choose (choosing both the supplements and the cultured foods is best), be sure that your body is getting a steady source of good bacteria. Once your gut is balanced and healthy, you'll have to worry much less about illness in the first place, because at this point your immune system will be functioning at its optimal, disease-fighting level.

In choosing a probiotic supplement for yourself, highly recommends AbsorbAid Probiotic from -- a superlative probiotic supplement that provides clinical activities supporting systemic health and wellness through immune-system protection, allergy reduction and effective and enhanced nutrient absorption.

AbsorbAid Probiotic has 30 billion organisms per capsule, with two clinically effective and dominant genera Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus: L. acidophilus and L. salivarius in a 2:1 ratio and B. lactis and B. breve, also in a 2:1 ratio. Each bacterial genus-species has its own specific metabolic activities, which lead to their effective inter-species synergism.

Studies have shown that probiotics may be helpful with both immune system modulation and allergies, plus they’re imperative if you’ve recently been on antibiotic therapy. It’s a simple step that may help keep you and your family in the best health possible.

Why Detox Your Body of Heavy Metals From Vaccines

Along with taking probiotics to fortify your gut health, we highly recommend detoxing heavy metal toxins from your body on a regular basis.

Heavy Metal Toxicity -- Dr. B.J. Hardick's own story

There are many ways of removing toxic chemicals such as heavy metals from your body, but most of them involve expensive treatments where a doctor injects you with drugs or vitamins intravenously via a drip. Many of these drugs will also strip the good minerals from your body, something that is not recommended since it is difficult to replenish these important substances.

A better and safer way is to take some drops of a natural tincture a few times per day -- it simply goes into water or some juice. This is the beauty of using HMD™ from -- it’s literally as simple as drinking a little water, and it’s safe and cost-effective.

Like other chemicals, heavy metals can accumulate in your body not only from vaccines, but also from silver dental fillings, contaminated seafood and other foods, cosmetics, pollution, contaminated water, and other sources, so it would be wise to disarm this potential “time-bomb” now before it causes serious illness in the future.

At Sixwise we highly recommend that you use HMD™ (Heavy Metal Detox) from, the natural oral formula that helps to effectively eliminate heavy metals from your body, without any side effects.

HMD™ is actually the ONLY chelator that has undergone a $1 million, three-year double-blind placebo-controlled research trials with several hundred people! During these three years over 25 different natural products and combinations were tried but the synergistic components of HMD™ were the only ones that worked for all metals tested. It presently has a worldwide patent-pending.

Dr. George John Georgiou -- HMD™ Inventor and worldwide Patent holder -- has 9 degrees and diplomas, including two doctorates and has been researching natural heavy metal chelators for a number of years, after he discovered that he became ill himself with mercury poisoning after replacing 12 amalgam fillings with composites.

After a number of years of searching, Dr. Georgiou discovered a unique synergistic formula comprising three natural components: Chlorella Growth Factor, Cilantro or the herb Coriandrum sativum and a homaccord of Chlorella. None of these natural products worked when tested individually, but when combined there was a “magic” synergy that eliminated a large number of toxic metals, including the ones mentioned here.

It is not only a very powerful chelator of toxic metals, but a very gentle one too. It has been tried and tested in many thousands of people worldwide, including children with autism, with no side effects when used at the correct dosage. It has therefore been dubbed “The Gentle Chelator.”

In combination with HMD, you can receive additional benefits of also taking AbsorbAid® Platinum from as part of your detox regime. Here’s why:

AbsorbAid® Platinum has the ability of aiding the digestion of all food groups and thus breaking them down into micronutrient forms.

When taking products such as HMD, AbsorbAid Platinum takes the stress off of your body’s systems by making the important chelation elements more readily available to your body for detox of heavy metals.

AbsorbAid Platinum Super Digestive Blend is comprised of 100% plant-based enzymes -- the only enzymes that have been clinically tested and scientifically proven to improve absorption of vital nutrients by up to 71%.

Two prestigious laboratories, Roche and Mayo Clinic, have recognized the value of AbsorbAid® products as an important element to support your health.

A Simple Way to Remove Germs From Your Hands

Finally, if you’re concerned about catching the flu, colds or other infectious diseases making the rounds around your community, PerfectCLEAN antimicrobial hand wipes are perfect for reducing your worries and concerns!

Considering that Americans touch about 300 different surfaces every 30 minutes, it's pretty much impossible to avoid all germs. However, there are ways to dramatically reduce your risk of spreading, and getting sick from, these pesky invaders.

PerfectCLEAN Hand Wipers: Terry Cloths and Super Silks are made to meet the rigorous standards of the commercial health care market in support of infection control programs that are required in ultra-clean environments.

Hospital-Grade ultramicrofiber construction combined with a PerfectClean patented antimicrobial chemistry enables these clothes to reach deep into microscopic crevices of all surfaces, including your hands, to remove pathogens in their path... that is because at an astonishing 3 microns, the ultramicrofibers are even smaller than most bacteria (each 12” cleaning hand wipe cloth contains over 300 miles of actual cleaning surface!).

Hospital-Grade Antimicrobial PerfectClean products are completely safe, reducing or even eliminating the need for harsh soaps and cleaners. You can use the mircrofiber hand wipes dry or dampened only with water for the most effective clean.

In fact, we recommend carrying a PerfectClean Microfiber hand wipe in your pocket and wiping your hand discreetly any time you shake hands or touch a public surface (especially door knobs, shopping cart handles, light switches and other heavily contaminated but rarely cleaned surfaces). Because illnesses also commonly spread around schools, we recommend you tuck one in your child’s backpack and teach him or her to wipe his hands regularly throughout the day.

It’s a simple way to make a big difference in your family’s health.

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