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15 Unique Mother's Day Gifts
That Moms Will REALLY Love



Mother's Day

You have plenty of time to find a gift your Mom will love, so this Mother's Day surprise her with something from the heart.

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 9th. This year, why not choose a gift that Mom will really love: something that will help her to relax, to feel that she's appreciated and loved, something special personalized to her tastes, something that comes from your heart.

Need a few tips on what that might be? In short, no matter what their age, Moms love gifts that took a little bit of thought on your part ... gifts that show you really had HER in mind when you bought (or made) them.

Still not sure where to find that perfect Mother's Day gift? Here we've compiled a cheat-sheet for you (don't worry, we won't tell!), filled with gifts to suit every Mom's tastes.

Pure Relaxation CD1. Pure Relaxation CD

Relaxation is a gift every Mom loves. The Pure Relaxation CD uses guided meditations that will calm her mind, soothe her emotions and create a state of deep relaxation in her body.

Gluten-Free French Deserts and Baked Goods2. Gluten-Free French Deserts and Baked Goods

If your Mom is following a gluten-free diet and has a sweet tooth, she will adore "Gluten-Free French Desserts and Baked Goods." (In fact, any Mom with a love for sweets will cherish this book!) It's filled with over 100 gourmet recipes and colorful photos, and best of all it's user-friendly and uses ingredients you can find at most grocery stores!

Aromatherapy Bath Salts3. Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Pamper Mom with these luxurious Vermont Soap Organics with true Organic oil Ingredients: They provide the ultimate soothing atmosphere for Mom's bath or shower, and they're entirely natural.


Gardener's Kneeler-Sitting Stool4. Gardener's Kneeler-Sitting Stool

If Mom loves to garden, this soft, cushioned kneeling-sitting stool will make planting a joy! Kneeling on the ground can cause achy knees and joints, but with this cushioned kneeler Mom can garden for as long as she wants!


5. The China Study #1 Acclaimed Nutritional Healthy Diet, Weight loss, and Long Term Wellness Book

To Help Avoid Illnesses and National Sick-Care


Mommy & Me Cooking Apron Set6. Mommy & Me Cooking Apron Set

For Moms with little ones, this two-piece apron set is just the thing. There's an adult-sized apron for mom, and a kid-sized apron for the child. Each apron comes with the print "Cookin' it up with" -- and you can add in any name or title you want!


7. Chocolate Decadence Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Most Moms love chocolate, and they can satisfy their cravings for sweets with this delectable, gourmet gift basket featuring a treasure trove of Indulgent Belgian and French Chocolates including: Chocolate Covered Almonds, Guiylan Belgian Chocolate Twists, Chocolate Classique Truffles and MUCH MORE!   

It's all about the chocolate in this decadent gift basket featuring everything sweet and delicious for your favorite chocoholic Mom on Mother’s Day plus for the many days that follow. Each gift is hand crafted with attention to detail, tied with ribbon and includes a personalized gift card message from you to convey your best wishes.


14K Gold Loving Mother and 2-Child Loving Family (R) Pendant 8. 14K Gold Loving Mother and 2-Child Loving Family (R) Pendant

Show Mom how much you care with a pendant that symbolizes family love! Mom will be proud to wear this gorgeous 14K-gold pendant of a mother and two children in an elegant embrace that forms the shape of a heart.


Dear Mom: Thank You For Everything9. Dear Mom: Thank You For Everything

If you've ever wanted to express to Mom just how much she means to you, but couldn't quite find the right words, this book is the answer. It's a touching tribute to Moms everywhere, spoken though heartfelt words and animal photographs. (When giving Mom this book, adding a personal letter of your own will make Mom feel even more cherished!)


Featherweight She Rules Briefcase10. Featherweight "She Rules" Briefcase

Working Moms will love this sleek briefcase that's tailored especially for women. It's large enough to hold a laptop and all of your other business essentials, but it weighs just 1.5 pounds (and even includes a detachable cosmetics bag).


sheanetics11. Vince Vaughn’s Mom (Shea Vaughn) Top Personal Exercises 5 DVDs Series for Your Mom’s Best Health:

Many say that a Mother’s work is never done but STAYING HEALTHY is #1! As Vince Vaughn’s Mother knows well, staying fit by exercising daily is “core” to your Mother’s good health and longevity as well as your own! Shea Vaughn’s DVD series of videos share a blend of progressive relaxing and flexibility stretching to gradual build core strength through a series of half hour to hourly very doable exercises and original music that by design is for all ages.

As the Reporter named Vince in this video said to his fellow Reporter following his interview with Shea Vaughn, “She looks like Vince Vaughn’s Sister which is obviously amazing testament to her exercise programs!” Exercise is in many ways the true fountain of youth as Shea Vaughn is both an inspirational example and motivational trainer to help others achieve the same results simply easily.


flip flop breakfast tray12. Flip-Top Breakfast Tray, Reading Book Tray, Writers Tray with Side Pen and Cell Phone Drawer

On Mother's Day, bring Mom breakfast in bed on this beautiful breakfast tray. Not only can you pamper her with breakfast, but later she can use it to journal, pay bills, store her favorite book, give herself a manicure or do crossword puzzles, all from the comfort of her own bed. This tray has side drawer compartment (to hold pens, calculator, cell phone, etc.) and a flip-top that can prop up books while she's reading.

digital photo frame13. Digital 15” Photo Frame

Give Mom memories she will cherishes most, Those of all her loved ones which she will share as the pictures continue to change automatically.


minimate air purifier refrigerator14. Fresher Longer Healthier Veggies MiniMate

Most Mom’s love veggies and know their health benefits. What they are most challenged with is keeping their veggies fresh longer. The MiniMate has the same principle benefits of grocery stores and commercial refrigeration systems that keep organic vegetables fresh. The MiniMate placed in her refrigerator will be simply effective and inexpensively as it is battery powered.


sleep easy cd15. Mom Can Now Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy CD users have reported (including CEO’s Mother bought and then Shared Her Amazement and Appreciation… after years of sleeping challenges) now:  :

  • falling asleep faster
  • waking up less throughout the night
  • falling back to sleep faster when awakened during the night
  • feeling more rested the next morning

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