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Should Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?
Three Important Considerations for All “Co-Sleeping” Pet Owners



For many pet owners across the nation, their nighttime routine would not be complete without their fuzzy four-legged companion hopping into bed to snuggle up for the night. In fact, most pet owners (56 percent) said their pet sleeps right next to them at night, according to a survey from Veterinary Pet Insurance.

Up to 56 percent of pet owners sleep with their pets next to them at night.

“Our pets have made a definitive move from the barnyard, to the backyard, to the bedroom,” said Dr. Carol McConnell, director of veterinary services for VPI, in a press release. “With the human-animal bond stronger than ever, more pet owners are taking care of their pets like they would a family member. Our pets are spending more time indoors with the entire family, and now they share the comforts of a soft mattress with the family, too.”

This is not actually a new occurrence, as dogs have been sharing sleeping quarters with humans for ages. You’ve heard of the rock bank “Three Dog Night”? This name is a play on an Australian aboriginal custom of sleeping with a dog for warmth on cold nights. A “three dog night” would require sleeping with three dogs in order to stay warm.

In modern times, most of us sleep with our pets not for warmth but for companionship and cuddles ... so is there any reason to stop?

Will it Cause Behavior Problems?

Some dog behaviorists say that allowing your dog to sleep in your bed is allowing him to be on the same level as you. In doggy terms, you should be the dominant member of the pack, so allowing your dog in your bed could cause him to question your authority or act out in aggressive displays of behavior.

However, assuming your dog is not taking advantage of the situation (i.e. growling if you try to take back some of the covers), sharing a bed is probably just fine. According to animal-behaviorist Dr. Marsha Reich in Emily Yoffe’s article, "It [Allowing your dog in your bed] has nothing to do with social status. Unless a dog growls when you roll over, I don't have a problem with a dog in the bed.”

Will My Dog Bring Germs to My Bed?

Two Pet Bedtime Must-Haves

A clean and calm dog is the best type of sleeping companion, which is why SixWise recommends adding the following to your pooch’s bedtime routine:

  • HappyTails Dry Dog Instant Clean from A powerful natural formula that cleanses without water, rinsing or mess. Unlike many other bath replacement sprays, it doesn’t just mask bad smells with heavy perfume -- it eradicates completely by trapping and eliminating odor-causing proteins.

Learn More and Order Dry Dog Instant Clean and SleepyTime Tonic from Now!

The other issue of sharing your bed with your dog is, of course, germs. Dogs are known to roll in the stinkiest spots in your yard and spend their days digging in the dirt, not to mention sniffing other doggy butts. Plus, when you take them for walks they can pick up all kinds of dirt on their paws, which they track into your home and, if you let them, into your bed as well.

There’s a yuck factor, yes, but is there really any risk?

Most likely, no.

Assuming you keep your dog reasonably clean and in good health (i.e. no fleas), sharing your bed is not likely to pose any serious risk of germ exposure to you. In fact, a study by Dr. Kate Stenske, a clinical assistant professor at K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine, found that dog owners who sleep with their pets or allow them to lick their face are no more likely to be exposed to E. coli from their pet than pet owners who banish their dogs to the floor.

But while disease-causing germs are not a big concern, odors and dirt in general are. Your dog can easily track mud, grime and other smelly substances into your bed, which is why recommends giving your dog a spritz with HappyTails Dry Dog Instant Clean from before bed.

This all-natural dry bath will remove odors and dirt from your dog so she’s fresh and clean for bedtime. It’s like giving your dog a bath before bed in just a few easy spritzes – no water, no rinsing and no mess needed!

What About My Sleep?

Sleep problems are common for pet owners who share their beds with their dog (or cat). When John Shepard, M.D., medical director of the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center, surveyed 300 patients, he found that 53 percent of pet owners said their sleep was disrupted to some extent every night by their pets.

Since uninterrupted sleep is crucial to your health and well-being, if your pet keeps you up at night by changing positions, barking, meowing or snoring (21 percent of dogs and 7 percent of cats snored, according to Shepard’s survey), it may be time to consider a new sleeping arrangement.

You can also try giving your dog a couple of drops of HappyTail’s herbal Sleepytime Tonic from When given about 20 minutes before bedtime, it can help your dog to calm down and settle in for a restful night’s sleep.

Ultimately, if you enjoy having your dog in your bed, and the cuddles outnumber the disturbances, you can continue to let sleeping dogs lie ... in your bed, that is!

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