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Record Pollen Explosion Means Tough Season
for Allergy & Asthma Sufferers! What Can You Do?



An unusually long, cold and wet winter has brought on spring with a vengeance … in terms of pollen counts, that is. Drastic up and down temperatures have also contributed to making this year’s pollen counts especially high.

Pollen counts are exploding across the United States, making this season one of the worst for allergy sufferers in years!

"It's a reproduction explosion right now with pollen everywhere," Amanda Campbell, a botanist at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, told ABC News. "That's the key, is the concentration of the pollen that's out there right now. That's what makes this year unique and probably a little harder on people than maybe the past couple of years."

In fact, if you check, which tracks pollen concentrations across the country, you’ll find high readings across much of the country. In North Carolina, for instance, pollen levels are at their highest since 2003, while Georgia has seen levels of 5,773 particles per cubic foot … ordinarily anything over 120 is counted as extremely high.

For the more than 50 million allergy sufferers in the United States, this spells serious trouble.

What Causes Pollen Allergies?

Allergic disorders are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the United States, according to the Allergy Report from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAI). They occur when your immune system overreacts to a normally harmless substance, such as pollen, leading to an array of symptoms.

Although anyone can develop allergies, you may be more likely to be impacted if you have a family history of the disease, or if you’re exposed to allergens when your body is weak, such as after a viral infection or during pregnancy. There’s also a theory that excessive cleanliness may also contribute to the development of allergies.

Pollen, which are microscopic particles from trees, grasses and weeds, is actually one of the most common allergens in the United States. For those who are allergic, even opening a window on a nice spring day can lead to numerous symptoms.

"Right now, it's a very bad pollen season for people with pollen allergies," Dr. Stanley Fineman of the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic told ABC News. "We're seeing people come in who are complaining of feeling run down and tired. There's sneezing. Their eyes are itching. Some people are coughing. They are really affected by the pollen."

Experts are predicting that this year’s pollen is going to get even worse before it gets better, so what can you do to relieve your symptoms? First try to prevent unnecessary exposures …

Help Keep Allergens Out of Your Home With Long-Lasting Commercial Grade PerfectCLEAN’s Total HomePure Pack

PerfectCLEAN is a very unique commercial line of cleaning tools, which are patented, enhanced by the material’s overall positive (+) electrostatic charge that attracts and captures pollen and dust.

Other than through SixWise, only sold in past years to leading hospitals and health care organizations and used for several reasons that you too can now benefit from:

  • The antimicrobial ultramicrofiber construction picks up far more dust, dirt and biological contaminants than any other cleaning tool, so your home is significantly cleaner
  • Unlike chemical cleaners and typical mops and sponges, which are loaded with germs, PerfectCLEAN products are 100% safe due to their antimicrobial ultramicrofiber construction
  • Hospitals and other organizations use them 100 times or more like new following industrial washing ... so they will save you money as you can eliminate chemical cleaners and avoid constantly replacing towels, mop heads, etc.


  • 2 All Purpose Terry Cloths
  • 2 Super Silk Cloths
  • 3 Lenstronic Cloths
  • 2 Scrub & Clean Reversible Gloves
  • 1 Flexible Duster with 2 Duster Covers
  • 1 EasyGrip 16"-wide Flat Mop System w/Ergonomic Handle
  • 2 Flat Mop Heads

Due to the positively charged ultramicrofibers, these mops and dusters pick up everything in their path including dust, crumbs, pet hair, lint and contaminants invisible to the naked eye. Use them wet or dry -- only water is needed!

Read More and Order Your PerfectCLEAN Total HomePure Pack Now!
How to Keep Your Pollen Exposure to a Minimum

Come springtime, pollen is in the air -- but there are still steps you can take to help reduce your exposure.

  1. Keep your windows closed to keep pollen out (this is especially important from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. when plants release most of their pollen). This includes while you’re driving. For added allergy protection while in your car, try the highly recommended Car & Personal Portable Air Treatment System, which uses negative ions to eliminate pollutants and allergens from the air in your car (or at the office or while you are in a plane).
  1. Use your air conditioner instead of opening windows, and ideally use an air conditioner that has an allergy-reducing HEPA filter in it.
  1. Check the daily pollen and mold counts (AAAAI's National Allergy Bureau has daily pollen counts for locations across the country, as does If counts are high, stay indoors as much as possible. Also stay indoors if it's windy, as dust and pollen will be blown about.
  1. Wash your bedding once a week in hot water to help get rid of dust mites and other allergy triggers. Even better, throw in a 100% Hypoallergenic Static Eliminator Reusable Dryer Sheet with your dryer load to take static cling out and soften fabric -- without any toxic and potentially allergenic chemicals
  1. Clean your home frequently with microscopic cleaning tools with ultramicroscopic fibers smaller than the material you need to eliminate to reduce pollen, mold, dust and other allergens.

Just as singer Jewel's husband Ty Murray being a rodeo cowboy needs a thin inch thick rope to lasso a cow, bull or calf… and he couldn’t use a large two foot or larger thick rope, you too need a proportionally smaller microscopic fibers -- smaller than red blood cells -- to entrap pollen and allergy-causing dust particles.

Standard consumer grade paper or cotton cleaning materials are too large in comparison to pollen or the dust that cause allergies. What we found was that all inexpensive consumer products like swiffers or other claimed micro-fibers of cotton, etc. simply “push” pollen and dust around from one place to another. Or worse the sweeping action light wisp of air, from consumer oversized cleaning materials, blow the pollen particles into the air causing more allergy problems throughout the house.

This is why you want both high quality truly microscopic size cleaning mops and wipes plus high-quality air purifiers.

Size matters. Example proportional size of cleaning material fibers should be smaller than microscopic pollen and dust:

The added benefit of the PerfectCLEAN Patented* material we found was the overall positive (+) electrostatic charge which can attract pollen and dust which can then allow you to begin removing it (vs. pushing it) from your living areas and surface crevices everywhere as you clean.

Our team members at SixWise with allergies found we felt much better soon after getting and using the PerfectCLEAN HomePure Pack. You too will likely swear by this product line once you experience the difference as we now do.

PerfectClean Hospital Grade Microfiber Mops, Dusters, Towels and more, which are used by leading hospitals and other health care organizations, is ideal for this. Rather than just pushing dust around, or worse, stirring it up into the air, antimicrobial PerfectClean tools are made with positively charged ultramicrofibers that pick up everything in their path -- including dust and all of its microscopic attachments.

The ideal starter kit for those who won't settle for anything but the cleanest and healthiest home environment -- with the safest, most effective tools preferred by hospitals, schools, fine hotels and now available for the first time to the public, is the PerfectClean Total Home Pure Pack.

Every item in the kit is built with PerfectClean's revolutionary ultramicrofiber construction that enables the clothes, mop, glove and duster to reach deep into microscopic crevices (NO other cleaning tool available even comes close!) and remove everything in their path: all forms of dirt, dust, hair, dander, and the biological contaminants too small to see with the naked eye.

That is because at an astonishing 3 microns, the ultramicrofibers are even smaller than most bacteria (each cleaning cloth contains over 300 miles of actual cleaning surface)! Regularly vacuuming your home is also important.

  1. If you spend time outside, change your clothes and wash your hair when you come inside to remove pollen and other allergens. Be sure you are washing your hair and body with a non-irritating natural product like Enviro-Rite Hair-Body Wash, which is designed by and for people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities. Also resist the temptation to hang your clothes out in the sun to dry. When you bring them inside, they'll be covered in pollen and mold.
  1. Filter your home's air -- many allergic reactions are triggered by airborne particles inside the home.

Why Use a Higher-Quality "photocatalysis" Air Purifier? According to many leading health organizations including the American Lung Association and some of the most respected health experts such as Dr. Morton Walker, with the growing knowledge of air pollution in the home, it has become clear that every home needs an air purifier.

But with the multiple varieties available, and the health concerns related to units like the brands offered at the Sharper Image, many people are unclear as to what the best type is for their home, car or office.

Although we will expand on this in future articles, it really comes down to a matter of "good, better and best" with air purifiers. As seen in the comparison chart below, many of the popular types of air purifiers fail on some key fronts, most notably with dust mites and medium to small particles.

Comparison Chart: Air Treatment Systems in Occupied Spaces


HEPA Filter*

Electrostatic Filter*





Noise High Medium Medium Medium None None
Maintenance High High Medium Low None Low
Reliability Good Good Poor Good Good Excellent
Mold Poor Good Good Good Poor Excellent
Bacteria Poor Good Good Good Poor Excellent
Dust Mites Poor Poor Poor Good Poor Excellent
Gases Poor Poor Good Good Poor Excellent
Odors Poor Good Good Poor Good Excellent
Smoke Good Good Good Poor Excellent Good
VOCs Poor Poor Good Good Poor Excellent
Pet Dander Good Good Good Good Good Excellent
Large Particles
> 1 micron
Excellent Good Good Poor Excellent Good
Medium Particles
1 to .1 micron
Good Poor Poor Poor Excellent Good
Small Particles
< .1 micron
Poor Poor Poor Poor Good Good

The right column most effective air purifying technology called "photocatalysis" is a replication of how outdoor air is naturally purified:

Ions are electronically charged particles that are positive or negative and occur naturally. There is an "ideal balance" that Pionair Illustrationnature maintains in the outdoor air. The ratio is approximately 6 positive ions to 5 negative ions. Indoors, this ratio is thrown off balance because of the abundance of positive ions and the lack of negative ions.

Sixwise highly recommends the PIONAIR Air Treatment System, as unlike most air purifiers, the PIONAIR™ Air Treatment System doesn't wait for pollutants to contact a filter or plate. Instead, the PIONAIR generates air-purifying technology that migrates through the area and neutralizes organic odors, microbes, & molds at their source.

As a result, the PIONAIR air treatment system produces fresh clean air throughout your home uniformly, by addressing the pollutant source -- without the use of fans, filters, or plates!

  1. Have someone else mow your lawn. Cutting the grass will expose you to a host of pollens and molds (the same goes for raking leaves in the fall).
  1. Wipe off surfaces you touch often. Surfaces such as computer keyboards, countertops, furniture, door handles and appliances can be loaded with allergens. When you touch these areas, the allergens are transferred to your hands and then likely to your eyes, nose and mouth, potentially worsening your symptoms. Giving these areas a quick wipe with PerfectClean Hospital-Grade Microfiber Terry Cloths will keep all types of allergens to a minimum. (For extra convenience try the PerfectClean Hosptial-Grade Microfiber Scrub & Clean Reversible Glove).
  1. An astounding 85 percent of household "dirt" is carried into your house from the outside, so strategically placing high-quality mats in highly trafficked areas like entrances can dramatically reduce the amount of dirt, dust and allergens that are tracked into your home (and spread via your indoor air).

It is key to use the right type of mats -- AVOID cotton, coir and other fibers, and wood and metal mats, as they can increase versus help the problem. The Waterhog Grand Premier mats are made of commercial-grade polypropylene construction that will last like new for 12 years to 15 years and our top-recommended choice for a "healthy" mat (that also looks great!).

Some of our team members have placed these at each entrance to their home plus directly under their refrigerator and kitchen sink.

What About Allergy Symptom Relief?

When spring pollen allergies hit hard, you need relief, fast. There is a simple, natural solution you should know about that has been used for thousands of years; it’s called nasal cleansing or nasal lavage.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Sinus congestion and hay fever symptoms often improve with nasal lavage -- rinsing out the sinuses with a saline solution.”

The technique is simple and involves using a neti pot to pour a lukewarm saline solution (pure water mixed with natural salt) inside one side of your nostril while tilting your head sideways so the water runs out of your other nostril. This cleansing helps to reduce dust, pollen and other allergens in your nasal passages.

Clear Your Nasal Passages and Breathe Freely!

Regular nasal irrigation cleansing can help keep your sinuses clear of irritants, and modern studies show they are as effective at drugs for preventing sinus infections.

Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot:

  • Clear the nasal passages
  • Remove excess mucus
  • Reduce dust and pollen by cleansing nasal passages
  • Relieve nasal dryness

Order the Best-Designed Top-Selling Neti Pot on the Market, Ancient Secrets Cleansing Pot, and Natural Saline Solution, Now!

Regular neti pot users often report that nasal cleansing relieves nasal allergy and sinus symptoms even better than over-the-counter medications.

There are many neti pots on the market, however highly recommends Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot and nasal cleansing salts. It is made from sturdy, lead-free ceramic and coated with a food-grade sealant. Its unique design also makes it very easy and effective to use, plus it’s dishwasher safe. Note: Compare and Beware! Ancient Secrets Neti Pots are also available for 25% more at Bed Bath and Beyond vs. at the current low special seasonal discount price from SixWise Store provided for you today. Do compare below in “Sources” section of this article to Bed Bath and Beyond price and beware that you will pay more for the identical product!

Ancient Secrets Neti Pot has a truly advanced design with easy-grip handle and better nozzle seal. It’s also balanced for ease of use with a concave grip for more assured control, and a better water chamber for less mess and easier cleaning.

Ancient Secrets Neti Pot is also available in a plastic travel model crafted from sturdy food-grade HDPE lead-free plastic. We highly recommend using the ceramic Neti pot at home and taking the plastic version along with you when you travel. Note Compare and Beware: Ancient Secrets Neti Pots are also available for 25% more at Bed Bath and Beyond vs. at the current low special seasonal discount price from SixWise Store provided for you today. Do compare to Bed Bath and Beyond price and beware that you will pay more for the identical product!

Additionally, studies have shown that probiotics (good bacteria) may be helpful with immune system modulation and allergies, so supplementing with a high-quality variety such as AbsorbAid Probiotic from may also help.

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ABC News April 8, 2010 Survival Guide for Allergy Season Allergies April 8, 2010

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