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The 13 Best Haunted Houses in the US …
And The Best 2009 Halloween Costumes



Earlier this month we featured a variety of wildly creative Halloween costumes in our article 10+ Ideas for a Creative, Home-Made Halloween Costume. To follow up, we wanted to share one of the most popular costume ideas to date in 2009 …

Dressing up as the swine flu by putting on a pink sweatsuit and a pig nose and pig ears. Oh yeah, and people are dressing up their dogs that way too!

dog costume

More top costumes were …

The #1 Custom-Made Costume

dinosaur costume

There is only one man in the dinosaur suit (not two people)!

The #1 Make-Up Costume

makeup costume

Very creative body paint!

The Top 13 Haunted Houses

Some get thrilled by dressing in costume for Halloween, but if your idea of a thrill involves wandering through pitch-black hallway with ghosts and ghouls around every corner you’re in luck.

HauntWorld Magazine has released their reviews of the 13 best haunted houses to get scared in this Halloween season. If you’re looking for a truly haunting evening, try to set aside time to visit one of these … if you dare:

Photo Source:

1. 13th Gate Haunted House – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Rated the best haunted house in America by for two years in a row. It’s 13 levels of fear and fright!

2. Netherworld Haunted House – Atlanta, Georgia

Netherworld is one of the few haunted houses that dedicate an army of live monsters to scare patrons while they wait in line and hundreds more waiting for you to enter the door. 

3. The Beast – Kansas City, Missouri

Five floors of fear with set design, ghost illusions, and detail to match the largest big-budget movies out there.

4. The Darkness Haunted House – St. Louis, Missouri

The Darkness is a powerhouse haunted house with Hollywood quality special effects, live actors, hundreds of animations, and amazing set design detailed throughout two floors of fright.

5. House of Torment – Austin, Texas

House of Torment (HOT) brings you an unmatched in-your-face FEAR and takes it to new horrific heights with icon monsters, over the top marketing, edgy scenes and blood-curdling screams!

6. Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati, Ohio

The Dent Schoolhouse features incredible story telling, horrific set design, and amazing fright inside one of the creepiest buildings for a haunted house.

7. Bates Motel – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Bates Motel is more than just a haunted house. It’s a major league SCREAM PARK with detailed haunted houses and a massive haunted hayride that’s sure to have you screaming in fear! 

8. Haunted Schoolhouse – Akron, Ohio

The Haunted Schoolhouse and Lab is the oldest running haunted house in America and features five floors of sheer terror and offers some of the best set design out there!

9. Bayville Screampark – Long Island, New York

The façade to Bayvilles main haunted house was designed and created by major production companies, and installed at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars -- and that’s only the façade.

10. House of Shock – New Orleans, Louisiana 

The most controversial haunted house in America, featuring the most elaborate pryo stage show before you enter what might be the most intense haunted house you’ve ever experienced.

11. Dead Acres – Columbus, Ohio   

This makes our list as the absolute most insane haunted house in America and probably the craziest website to boot!

12. Headless Horseman – Ulster Park, New York

Headless Horseman includes one of THE BEST haunted hayrides in America where the Headless Horseman himself chases you over an old rickety bridge!

13. Graystone Manor - Killen, Alabama

When your local haunted house is located in a town named Killen, you know you’re in for the fright of your life, and Graystone Manor does not disappoint!

If you don’t live near any of these 13 haunted houses, have no fear! You can find a spooky haunted house near you using HauntWorld’s Haunted House Finder

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Sources America’s Best Haunted Houses

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