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Robber Disarmed by the Power of Prayer


When this potential victim bank teller in Indiana is threatened by a robber with a loaded gun, she first shows intent to comply, fearing for her life. But then she prays for him, saying he’s too young to throw his life away at such a young age.
The armed robber is moved by her prayers and concern for him … then begins to pray along with her.
He then hands over the single bullet in his gun as assurance that he means no further harm (just as in the days of the Knights when both parties greeting one another were the first to shake hands to show they had no weapons).
He does in the end take her to the back room to lock her up and then takes only $20 and the teller’s cell phone and leaves.
As the economy continues to be devastating for the many millions who are out of work, desperate for some means to feed and support their families, such circumstances are likely to continue.
Desperate people do desperate things.
Yet if you find yourself in such circumstances (of any sort) it is important to remember that both sides of any emotional and or physical challenges have feelings, and are experiencing stress. Elevating the stress is not necessarily the best option for the perpetrator or the victim.
Both have families, strong beliefs and values, and if treated with love and concern may come to similar resolve in the darkest moments.
What happened in this video is obviously not always the case and may in fact be the exception.
Still, this is proof that concern for your fellow man via prayer can gain shared common ground that most would never have suspected was there.
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