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Sugar Anyone? A New Perspective on Healthy Eating ...


We know many of our readers are interested in healthy eating …

We know the facts, but these pictures below bring perspective quickly, don't they?!

Each cube represents a teaspoonful:

How About a Healthier Alternative?

One of our all-time favorite beverage brands, Ajmera, makes delicious and healthy beverages that give you the flavor you crave without all the extra calories and unhealthy additives. All six flavors are 100% natural with NO caffeine, no preservatives, no synthetic food colors and no artificial flavors:

coco energy CoCo Coconut Energy
mango energy Mango-O Energy
orange o energy Orange-O Energy
xpress chai Xpress Chai
saffron pistachio milkshake Saffron Pistachio Milkshake
mango milkshake Mango Milkshake

For a limited time, buy any 4 products and receive $5 shipping, buy any 6 or more and receive FREE SHIPPING!

Learn More About Ajmera Beverages Now!

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