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CDC Swine Flu Warning: Do NOT Do This!


swine flu

One thing most every expert agrees on … Do NOT do This!!!!

Prior to April 2009 some parents might very well have thought this seemed cute.

Today this likely strikes FEAR and Shock in their hearts!

Might similar situations be as concerning for future flu viruses? 

What flu might be the next flu caused by human exposure to animals? First came fears of Bird Flu, which never really mutated into a human-to-human virus strain. Yet as a precaution the U.S. Government stockpiled hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of Tamiflu -- that by coincidence Donald Rumsfeld owned primary stock holdings, and made millions per month as a result.

Experts have agreed that no vaccine can be pre-developed as a cure for a virus that does not yet exist.

What might be the next government hope of a cure for a future pandemic virus that your hard work and taxes will pay for? And who will benefit next time in addition to Donald Rumsfeld?

Will there be a mandatory Swine Flu vaccine coming?

In the 1976 Swine Flu scare, more people died from vaccinations than the Swine Flu.

What might be the next flu outbreak that sparks fear in the hearts of Americans? What origin could be magnified by the media as the next flu blitz?

And What Possible Warnings May Still be to Come: Don’t Kiss, Don’t hug, Don’t touch, Don’t Breath?? 

Horse Flu?

horse flu

Guinea Pig Flu?

guinea pig flu

Kangaroo Flu?

kangaroo flu

Another Round of Bird Flu?

bird flu

Cat Flu?

cat flu

Lizard Flu?

lizard flu

Lion Flu?

lion flu

Doggy Flu?

dog flu

Frog Flu?

frog flu

Goat Flu?

goat flu

Snake Flu?

snake flu

Horse Flu?

horse flu

Fish Flu?

fish flu

Possible Symptoms of Fish Flu??

fish flu

Will we really need vaccines for each of these? Or need to stockpile more of the “non-cure” Tamiflu, in turn making millions more for Donald Rumsfeld?

These are rhetorical questions, of course, to give you some food for thought …

All jokes aside, for some real-life advice on how to prevent swine flu, be sure to read Here’s How to Prevent Swine Flu … and ANY Flu, Anytime!

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