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Six Unique Healthier Father’s Day Gifts to
Show Dad How Much You Care!



Father’s day is Sunday, June 21 -- a day to let your Dad (or any father figure in your life) know how much he’s loved and appreciated. This year, although spending is down 4 percent since 2008, the average U.S. consumer expects to spend about $91 doing just that, according to a National Retail Federation survey.

Your Dad deserves the best this Father’s day, so why not surprise him with a gift he’ll really adore?

In all, Americans are expected to spend over $9 billion for dads on Father’s day, with the biggest portion ($1.9 billion) going toward special outings such as dinner or a sporting event. Other top gift categories include:

  • Clothing: $1.3 billion

  • Gift cards: $1.2 billion

  • Electronics: $1 billion

  • Books or CDs: $548 million

  • Home improvement items: $522 million

  • Sporting goods: $502 million

This year, though, why not give Dad a gift that truly lets him know you had him in mind when you picked it out … a gift that will benefit his mind, his body and his spirit?

Like the idea but still not sure what to get? Here we’ve compiled a Dad’s Day gift guide filled with just such gifts that will warm your Dad’s heart and put a big smile on his face.

1. Pure Relaxation CD: The Ultimate Gift of Relaxation

Your Dad works hard so a gift of relaxation will be most appreciated. The Pure Relaxation CD uses guided meditations that will calm his mind, soothe his emotions and create a state of deep relaxation in his body.

2. Stretching Toward a Healthier Life DVD: Help Dad Look and Feel Younger

If your Dad is concerned with his health and looking and feeling younger, he will genuinely appreciate this TOP-recommended complete guide to stretching -- Stretching Toward a Healthier Life by stretching expert Jacques Gauthier.

It presents 15 stretches that stretch all the key muscles groups throughout your entire body, and takes only about 15-20 minutes per day total to do the complete stretching!

And, just in time for Father’s Day this gift ships for absolutely free!

3. A Personal/Car Ionizer: Clean Air for Dad’s Commute ... and Beyond!

The Personal/Car Ionizer uses negative ions to eliminate pollutants and allergens from the air in your car. There are no filters to be changed and it can be recharged over and over by plugging it into your car adapter.

However, because the Car Ionizer is detachable, once Dad arrives at his destination, such as church, school, or the doctor's office, he can bring it in with him to help reduce his chances of getting an airborne virus, and to reduce odors. He can even take it with him on a plane, train or even in a shopping mall to act as his own mini air purifier! A perfect gift for any Dad who travels often, spends a lot of time commuting or struggles with allergies or asthma.

4. "Staying Healthy in a Stressful World": The Best Stress-Relief DVD There Is

This highly praised DVD will be a literal lifesaver for Dads who are struggling with stress. It provides a complete training program by Dr. Peter Reznik, one of the most respected mind/body integrative therapists of our time (a recognized expert in mental imagery, dream work, and clinical hypnosis). This highly recommended DVD will help Dad identify the three major sources of stress and embark on a practice for transforming his stress into life-enhancing experiences.

Pair it with the Pure Relaxation CD for the ultimate Stress-Relief Kit for your loved ones!

5. The Wellness H2.O: An Individual Water Purifier and Reusable Water Bottle in One

Does your Dad love the gym, outdoor activities, sports or simply like to carry pure water with him when he’s on the go? Then he will love the Wellness H2.O.

The Wellness H2.O enhanced water bottle is the next evolution in water technology. Not content with merely replacing wasteful bottled water, the Wellness H2.O combines the best portable filtration technology with rare Japanese stones and a patented enhancement process to produce an unparalleled quality of water.

The ultimate environment product, the Wellness H2.O eliminates 1,100+ plastic bottles, reduces carbon emissions and conserves natural resources. It also saves you up to $1,000 in bottled water purchases every year, and is made of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plastic, which is BPA-free.

6. The PIONAIR Smarte Pointe Air Treatment System: Clean, Fresh Air for Dad

The PIONAIR Smarte Pointe Air Treatment System, which highly recommends, uses photocatalysis, which is designed to oxidize organic odors, germs, and fungi. The PIONAIR technology creates ultraviolet light rays, safe levels of ozone, and passive negative ions as part of your air treatment.

The SMART POINTE uses the same technology as the original PIONAIR system, with the added benefit of actively generated negative ions. These actively generated negative ions clear the air of particulate FASTER than the original PIONAIR system. Therefore, the PIONAIR SMART POINTE is effective against particulate such as pollen, dust, pet dander, and smoke, AS WELL AS mold, mildew, organic odors, and chemical vapors (such as formaldehyde).

There’s a Pionair unit for all of your Dad’s needs. The Pionair 350 Unit covers 150 to 350 sq. ft., and is perfect for a typical office or bedroom. If you have a larger space, Pionair's 750 Unit covers 350 to 750 sq. ft., and if you want to purify air in a large, open environment, we recommend our largest Pionair, the 1500 Unit, which covers 750 to 1500 sq. ft.

All PIONAIR Systems include a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

And for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, Get $30 Off Each PIONAIR Air Treatment Unit, Plus FREE SHIPPING and a FREE MiniMate Refrigerator Unit!

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Sources June 4, 2009

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