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Eight Low-Cost Ways to Give Your Home a Facelift


In this economy, your budget may not jive with the new kitchen or dining room set you’ve been dreaming of, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have no choice but to put up with your drab or outdated home décor.

home decor

Painting your walls a new, bright color can add energy to your home instantly (be sure to use environmentally friendly, non-toxic paint!).

Simple, low-cost changes around your home can make a world of difference in its ambience, function, and even curb appeal. This is so important because your home should feel peaceful, support your mental and emotional well-being and provide a sanctuary for you to reside in.

And by giving even a small amount of attention to your living space, you can evoke major changes in your mood, attitude and spirit.

Rejuvenating Your Home on a Budget

Fortunately, giving your home a facelift does not have to be as expensive as it sounds. Here’s how to refresh your home on any budget.

  1. Add some color. Neutral tones are known to be calming, earth tones warming and grounding and cool tones like blues, greens and lavender restful. Bright colors such as yellow can be happy and energizing. You can add color in an infinite number of ways: repaint your walls with a non-toxic paint, pick up some colorful pillows, get new pillowcases, place mats, bath towels or throw rugs, etc.
  1. Rearrange your furniture. Life may take on a whole new meaning if your bed suddenly faces toward your bedroom window instead of away from it! At the very least, rearranging your bedroom, living room or office will add energy and a fresh perspective.
  1. Clear out clutter. One of the basic tenants of feng shui, which is an ancient art of creating a harmonious environment in your home using space, placement of objects, color and more to keep vital energy aligned, is that clutter represents stagnant energy.

house plants

Adding a few houseplants is a simple way to create texture and the warmth of nature in any room.

In order for energy, or chi, to flow -- and therefore for your home to support your mental and emotional well-being -- the clutter must be cleared.

  1. Get new window treatments. We know, window treatments are expensive, but you can start with just one room, or even one key window. Changing window treatments is one of the quickest and most dramatic ways to change-up your home’s look.
  1. Add new textures. Put a fluffy rug, pillows and a couple of throws into a tile-floored sunroom. Hang metal wall art in your living room and put a potted plant or terra cotta statue in your bathroom. The variety of materials will add new depth and interest to your home.
  1. Decorate your walls. You don’t need expensive paintings to do this. Enlarged family photos, tapestries, framed fabric or photos from books and even interesting plates make great wall art.
  1. Put in landscaping. First create a plan for your yard, then, little by little, pick up the trees, bushes and flowers to create a beautiful landscape around your home.


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  1. Keep your home clean. When your kitchen floor is crumb-free and shining, your carpets freshly vacuumed and your countertops clear of clutter and debris, your home will feel more peaceful, your mood more free. At you can find a variety of innovative and natural home cleaning products that truly make cleaning your home a breeze, such as:
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Sources March 13, 2009

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